Off for 2 weeks...

The Northern Monkey
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Going Scotland for 2 weeks tomorrow :D:D

2 weeks riding Glentress and Inners... possibly travel out to other areas of the 7 Stanes if we can afford the fuel.

Can't bloody wait!!
I've got more bike stuff to pack than I have clothes :lol:

Hope I don't forget anything... spare brake pads, tyres, tools etc etc etc!!

Anyways, say Hi if you see us!
I'll be on the NS and bro on his Stinky :D


  • Will do... got the tequila packed already :D

    Think I got enough protection this time? taking no chances :lol:

  • stumpyjon
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    Looks like you got hit by a truck :lol:
    It's easier to ask for forgiveness than for permission.

    I've bought a new bike....ouch - result
    Can I buy a new bike?...No - no result
  • Sarnian
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    Since when were you the invisible man :D Have a good one
    It's not a ornament, so ride It
  • hehe :D

    Will do... i've got way too much stuff :lol:
  • Sarnian
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    Better to be over prepared then under prepared.
    It's not a ornament, so ride It
  • lm_trek
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    Thats funny, because me too!!

    Off to Fort William, and can't wait!

    Ive had to buy some of those knee pad things, so im allowed to ride the Red dh, been told to come back in one piece, otherwise i won't get any sick pay, pfft will have to see!
  • johnnyboy29
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    Enjoy lord Vader heh heh 8)
    Hope you have a good time och aye the noo and all that :oops:
    I'll just get me coat (peaked to soon)
    In the words of the GLC - Suicide is messy but it's money for free!!!