Salad Cream

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And Pizza mmmmm


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    on chips
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    UncleFred wrote:
    And Pizza mmmmm

    Not in the 'Sugar Mill' you don't!!
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  • Salald cream is just WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I don't mind a little dab of it mixed into egg mayo though.
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  • UncleFred
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    Can't say I've ever seen Pizza on the Sugar Mill menu!
  • prawny
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    Salad cream and pasta, yummy.
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  • Salad cream sandwiches :P
  • Fastlad
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    Salad cream sandwiches :P

    Feck off :lol:
  • dunker
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    salad cream on, steak! om nomnomnom :P
  • only if no mayo left in fridge
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    I'm having it on everything now, when I go back to Manchester I'm going to have to stock up with plenty of it, makes pasta on its own lovely.
  • Anonymous
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    salad cream and grated cheese sandwiches, childhood lunch, nice.
  • shane515
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    Salad Cream ALL over sunday roast, now that is tops :P