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What Type Of BMX?

jimbob 2705jimbob 2705 Posts: 109
edited July 2009 in Commuting chat

I am not sure what type of BMX to get! :oops: I am new to BMX's so I want to make sure I want to get the right one!
I would be using it for riding around a farm, doing a few jumps, jumping of walls, wheelies, maybe a few tricks.
So....Should I get a freestyle BMX or a Dirt Jump BMX?

I was thinking of a Mongoose Subject or a Mongoose Brawler!

Any answers appreciated! :wink:


  • Stuey01Stuey01 Posts: 1,273
    Mate, this is the commuting section, I think you'd be better off putting your post in an appropriate forum, then you might get some answers.
    Not climber, not sprinter, not rouleur
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