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How to find a decent used bike on a limited budget?

badboybennygbadboybennyg Posts: 48
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Hi Guys

I am desperate to get on the road following a few years MTB’ing where have I got fed up being chased by dogs and riding round creepy deserted woods. Anyway I am on a very small budget of £200 and know that at that price 2nd hand is my only route for a semi-decent road bike.

Can anybody please tell me any classic road bikes names (I am guessing mass produced in order to be able find one!) that I can search for on Ebay. I know from experience that for example putting in “Raleigh Road Bike” will result in a broad range of bikes in term of quality and price. The trouble is I cant pick out a genuine bargain bike from a cheaply made bike that someone had as a kid and is making room in their shed by shifting for a few quid.

Are there tell tale things to look for e.g. frame material, types of gears, other components and as I said are there some keywords I can bang in to bring back some decent used bikes?

Thanks a bunch



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