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Pro Team Sponsorship and personal shopping choices

Finbar SaundersFinbar Saunders Posts: 299
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As cycling fans does pro team sponsorship influence what you buy? As I see it there are two levels; the cycling specific stuff like bikes, equipment, nutrition etc and the non-cycling stuff like flooring, coffee makers, banks etc. I have a number of pieces of Columbia clothing but I bought most of those before they got into team sponsorship and my main reason for choosing those was that they make really good outdoor wear. I also have an HTC phone but again chosen before they sponsored a team. My Garmin Edge 705 was bought after the team was formed but it's not like I had a lot of choice there. I've got Sky, but nothing to do with cycling sponsorship. I sometimes shop at Halfords. But to be honest, I can't say that I've really been influenced by sponsorship. Anyone else?

Do you buy stuff from cycling team sponsors because they sponsor cycling? 0 votes

Yes, without advertising I would be lost.
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Yes, everything else being equal or similar I'll support the company that supports cycling.
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Maybe, I'll have a look at what the sponsor offers but it's got to be value for money for me.
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No, no influence on my purchases
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Dude, I buy so much cr*p that I am the reason the sponsors can afford to be in cycling
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No-one wanted to eat Patagonia Toothfish so they renamed it Chilean Sea Bass and now it's in danger of over fishing!


    I saw a Zipvit advert in Procycling - they're a sponsor of Cervelo - and checked it out. Their 'Recovery Box' offer was on so I bought it and have subsequently bought more stuff. So yeah, I think I was swayed a bit.
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