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Giant XTC Alliance 1 or XTC 1

paddy hardtailpaddy hardtail Posts: 5
edited August 2009 in MTB buying advice
Looking for some adive on Giants XTC Alliance 1 or XTC 1

Theres not much in the price between the two bikes. Is the extra money worth it for the allicance 1? Ive listed the differences between the two bikes.
Will the carbon rear end on the alliance give a better ride?

I was also told by a shop that the alliance 1 is alot lighter than the XTC 1 but from Giants website it doesnt seen so. Is this correct?

XtC Alliance 1 ... 441/32683/
Weight KG / LB 11.40 / 25.02

XTC 1 ... 442/32684/
Weight KG / LB 11.70 / 25.11

Alliance 1
Frame:Alliance Composite/AluxX
Fork: Fox 32 F100 RL 100mm travel, lockout
Front Mech: Shimano Deore

Frame: AluxX SL aluminium, Fluid Formed
Fork: Rock Shox Reba SL Dual-Air 100mm travel, Motion Control lock out with Poploc
Front Mech: Shimano SLX

Which one would you go for any why?

Thanks in advance.


  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    There is very little in the specs.

    The carbon supposedly gives a smoother ride, but a test would be best.

    How much extra is it for you?
  • Thanks for the reply. I can get the alliance 1 for an €180. Is it worth it?
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    After market the fork on it does cost more, but whether it performs better is open to question.

    Difficult one! Again, a test would sort out the fine details.
  • Anyone else have first hand experience with either bikes?
  • I got the alliance primarily for adventure racing. For races, since there are a lot of dirt roads/two tracks, I was looking for a lighter hard tail. Sure, my rear suspension bike can lock out, but it's still heavy. Anyway, the Alliance is not much lighter than the base XTC, but it "FEELS" lighter when your riding it, if that makes sense. The carbon stays absorb enough shock to almost equate it with a rear suspension. It's just a lot more responsive when riding. I can kick the back end around a lot easier when I need to without having to torque my whole body.

    I will say this about the base XTC, though, it is a bit easier to dig in on steep, long, up-hills, probably since it's a bit stiffer in the back end. But overall, after test riding both, either one is the best bike you'll get for the money, but the Alliance is worth the extra 10-15% price jump.

    Good luck!
  • The SpidermanThe Spiderman Posts: 5,625
    I have an aluminium XTC.Its very direct and very responsive,but the rear is pretty unforgiving.
    2006 Giant XTC
    2010 Giant Defy Advanced
    2016 Boardman Pro 29er
    2016 Pinnacle Lithium 4
    2017 Canondale Supersix Evo
  • Thanks for the reply mike and the info.

    I ended up not getting a giant and i got a specialized stumpjumper comp. Ive been out on it the last three days and im loving it.



  • Nice bike. I looked at the stumpjumper comp and considered it as well, but couldn't get the Specialized dealer to come down in price to match what the Giant dealer was willing to do with the Alliance. Anyway, you got a bike you're happy with, that makes it a good day!
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