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Follow the dog after a week of rain?

KiblamsKiblams Posts: 2,423
edited August 2009 in MTB general
Hey guys,

It has come to that time again where I call upon the knowledge of those more experienced then me in the ways of MTBing.

Today I am basically hoping for a 'what to expect' of follow the dog in Cannock after a week of raining, anything regarding levels of mud etc. would be good.



  • Uncle PeterUncle Peter Posts: 324
    I did it last Friday after a week of solid rain and it was ok, they've opened the first few sections now after some trail building work. there's not much real mud but plenty of puddles, some are deeper than others! And, as most of the built trails are pebble based it's quite slippy.

    If yoy need to, you can wash your bikes down at the shop for a quid.

    You'll have a great time.
  • KiblamsKiblams Posts: 2,423
    Cheers mate,

    I think a frsh set of clothes and a towel are in order :D
  • OH NO DanOH NO Dan Posts: 186
    Hi mate, ive done it a couple of times after its been raining hard and theres not really too much mud. It is quite sandy though so its a workout on the brakes and transmission.

    Fresh clothes is a good idea though :lol:

    Where abouts in Derbyshire are you from out of interest?
  • dickyduluxdickydulux Posts: 111
    Did FTD yesterday (friday) most sections have slippery stones and a few puddles but in general not too bad.
    We went off exploring but some of the tracks we normally ride were just too boggy. Some sections still closed, first time I've done the new boardwalk with the stone start.
    Was a good day, just take a change of clothes :wink:
    Even in the darkest of days, Churchill still rode his Spesh.
  • OH NO DanOH NO Dan Posts: 186
    Yeah ive nearly binned it on the slippery stones a few times. Which sections are still closed?
  • dickyduluxdickydulux Posts: 111
    Hi, not sure what the sections are called, we give them names that mean something to us.
    The Chasetrails website not upto date with closures.

    After what I call the 2nd section which is the one with the new boardwalk, you go over a bridge up a hill and normally turn left which takes you to the boardwalk over the bog this then runs adjacent to the road. That boardwalk bit is closed so you have to turn right.

    Brings you out at the bottom of the long hill. I normally go through the trees here and try to clear it without dabbing but just too wet (by the way this wood named after me; ain't that right Daz :lol: )

    There's another diversion further on but you're not missing much, don't think it was a proper section but they have started to build a track on it.

    On the last track back to the carpark which I think of as a motorcross track; was hammering along went round a corner and there's a family stood in the track watching the go ape slide :evil:
    Nearly had the mother sat om my handlebars :shock:
    Even in the darkest of days, Churchill still rode his Spesh.
  • KiblamsKiblams Posts: 2,423
    Hey guys, back from Cannock now, was a good day! Got absolutly caked in mud and realy enjoyed myself.

    I'm from the centre of Derby Dan, to the west close to Rowdich.

    We set out on a second run but I think god had it in for us as at almost the exact time I bent my handlebars and the heavens opened on us.

    Was my own fault for bending the bars as I reacted too late to the steap exit from the boardwalk (the one you were talking about after the cool carved rocks bit) and ended up landing with all my weight over the front of the bike (almost stopped dead from it) with my 16st completely on the bars. They bent down and forward and we had to take the green route back to the shop/cafe :(

    Other than that minor mishap it was a most enjoyable day.
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