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Good clinchers for track use

grantusgrantus Posts: 690
edited August 2009 in Track
Can anyone recommend me a set?


  • Eddy SEddy S Posts: 1,013
    Indoor or Outdoor?
    I’m a sprinter – I warmed up yesterday.
  • grantusgrantus Posts: 690
    I s'pose it would be for both - all purposes really.

    I want to use the bike for TT'ing as well but want a set that would be good on the boards as well.
  • Eddy SEddy S Posts: 1,013
    Either Vittoria Diamante Pro Light or Veloflex Records in that case.

    I’m a complete convert to the Vittorias – grip and confidence levels are better then some (so called) indoors tubs that I’ve ridden. They are now a permanent feature on my training/warm-up wheels.

    I used to use the Records on my training wheels. Grip and feel is good indoors but they only come in a 20 and I find the handling gets a bit sketchy when I’m really pushing it, for example on a flying 200 effort. They’ll be fine if you’re a bit lighter and they’re a great TT tyre.

    The only ‘problem’ you’ll have with both of these clinchers is their wear rate on the road.
    I’m a sprinter – I warmed up yesterday.
  • grantusgrantus Posts: 690
    ok, cheers mate
  • mrushtonmrushton Posts: 5,182
    There are Continental Supersonics but either the these or the Veloflex are not really for use on the road - tho' they are fast. They just are soft, top tyres with v.little puncture protection
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