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£2000 - £2500 to spend on a XC

DoombrainDoombrain Posts: 360
edited August 2009 in MTB buying advice

I'd like a good trail bike and i've been looking at the 09 Scott Genius 40 which has just dropped to £2000 on Evans and i've just read the review for the Orange 5 and 5 Pro.

what would you lot plump for or am i missing an other option here?

LOL road riding.


  • mellexmellex Posts: 214
    WOW. With that sort of budget, the world is your oyster! What attracted you to the Scott and the Orange? Knowing this might help us make informed suggestions rather than just listing the bikes we'd like.
  • DoombrainDoombrain Posts: 360

    i guess the scott was the looks and overall good reports about all their bikes, seems like a make you can trust as i'll be keeping this bike for over 4-5 years.

    the orange is a UK build and also has nothing but good news reported.

    i'm just getting back into riding after a LONG break and wanted to treat myself to a A1 ride. Mostly riding on trails, little bit to old for mental downhill and jumps!
    LOL road riding.
  • mellexmellex Posts: 214
    If you want a bike that will handle trails, jumps and a little downhill, you could do far worse than look at the Lapierre range of bikes.

    Look fantastic and if I was in the market for a new ride to do what you listed, I wouldn't be looking much further afield.

    That said, I also like the Orange 5 you mentioned :roll:
  • paul.skibumpaul.skibum Posts: 4,068
    I'd probably go for a custom build in that league - the end components might not be quite so high end as a manufacturers model but you get cache, better frames, upgrade potential - something like a Santa Cruz superlight (or Blur XC reduced at at present), Pace, etc.

    my personal pref but can understand more big names. Maybe Fuel ex?
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  • I'm beginning to understand the custom build thing. As mentioned, the spec on the easily identifiable components mightn't be quite as good, but at least you know exactly what your getting everywhere else.

    I have a year old stumpy elite (£1,800) and its shortcomings are bubbling up to the surface. The chain and cassette needed to be replaced after 400 miles, and the rear wheel needs to be rebuit (dud spokes). Not because of tough riding (I'm a censored ), but in each case because different mechanics advised that the supplied parts were mince.
  • fwb2006fwb2006 Posts: 212
    I went down the custom route (575) and yes its more expensive but you get exactly what you want and usually 1 of a kind.
  • warrerjwarrerj Posts: 665
    Do you really knwo what you want ??

    You say XC then you say you want a trail bike. Bikes will do both if i was spending that much cash I'd make sure I really knew what I was looking for.

    Anyway ...
    The orange is a nice bike but very much more trail than XC. Know some people who have used them for downhill comps.

    The scott again is more on the trail / all mountain side than XC.

    For that money I'd also be looking custom build. If it's mostly trails you'll be riding then I'd look at some of these. Santa Cruz Superlight, Blur XC, Titus Motolight or Yeti 575.

    just my 2p's worth
  • Mickey EyeMickey Eye Posts: 590
    Yay, you too can afford a bike that most scrubs can't. Look at the Santa Cruise Blur XC, Lapierre Zesty 714.

    However if you do't know what you want and actually need a trail like bike then you should probably try the Transition Covert, Blur LT2 or Tracer VP.
  • jay12jay12 Posts: 6,306
    I went down the custom route (575) and yes its more expensive but you get exactly what you want and usually 1 of a kind.
    if i had the cash i would do that too, just get a frame and built a bike. if there is something on the bike that you don't like or are just awful you would have to spend more money but on custom bikes there isn't that sort of problem. but if you don't want a custom bike orange,specialized or lapierre
  • DC01DC01 Posts: 333
    fwb2006 wrote:
    I went down the custom route (575) and yes its more expensive but you get exactly what you want and usually 1 of a kind.

    Sorry to hijack the thread but how much did you spend in the end on your build. Im looking to get a 09 575 with the alloy/carbon rear triangle, but not sure if i want there race spec or to build my own.
  • fwb2006fwb2006 Posts: 212
    DC, all in it came in around £3200 but that was in January when I got a full xt groupset for £400 and Stiff had a %20 off deal running for the Fox Talas 150 qr15 and Hope pro 3 SP wheelkit. I went for the Alloy rear as its an XL at 6' 4" and about 15 stone. Been out on it today and it really does fly. Weighed with a park tools scale comes in at a smidge over 28 lbs, with all everyday kit.
  • mellexmellex Posts: 214
    I custom built my ARC for just over £1650 including some time from a very helpful mechanic at my LBS.

    eBay and wiggle played a huge part in that and none of the components were second hand. I do think that when you custom build, half of the fun is setting a total budget and then trying to bring it in under that figure.

    When you consider the 'basic' Enduro build at Bromley Bikes is £2299 and yet my build is a mix of the Pro & Race spec, you do wonder how these prices are justified.

    This has got to be a good purchase for anyone considering a custom build at the moment: XT Groupset
  • DC01DC01 Posts: 333
    Im 6ft and fairly solid 14 1/2stone. was looking at the medium bause i prefer the feel of a slightly small frame, with a alloy/carbon rear end. I rougly priced my build up the other day, and without bargain hunting it came in at £3400.
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