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Which bike, Choice of four can't decide which is best?

HexagonHexagon Posts: 4
edited July 2009 in MTB buying advice
I can't make my mind up over four bikes, I'm just getting back into biking after about 8 years. I'm looking for a good long lasting bike that is comfortable to ride and easy to control.

The bikes:

1) Saracen Trace 2 2009, seems very cheap and a lot of gear, but not sure about the fork 'Rockshox Dart 2' also there is no way of testing the riding position. Is it similar to the Mongoose Tyax Super 2009

2) Gt Avalanche 1.0 Disc 2008, Seems a all-round good bike, just not sure on the 2008 riding position and there is no way to test it.

3) Mongoose Tyax Super 2009, This would be bought from a LBS and I have tested it seems like a nice bike to ride, but is a lower spec than the rest at £400.

4) Mongoose Amasa Comp 2008, Seems like the next model up from the Tyax Super above, but has a different frame so does it ride like the Tyax above.

Thanks for any help, really want to get a bike ordered or pop down to my LBS and buy one.

How does the GT Avalanche 2.0 HDisc compare with the 1.0 Disc from 2008 as I can get the 2.0 from my LBS for £450, so that could be a option too.

Rob :D


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