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Wireless computer decides i did 53.5mph. this cannot be

desperate73desperate73 Posts: 135
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The wireless cateye after my ride says i did 23.5mph top, and 12.5mpg avg on my new bike. However i unclipped it, put it on the table next to laptop and now it's added time, added abit of mileage and says i topped out at 53odd mph..

I know it proberly feels sorry for me but i don't want the pity i want accurate results..

Is this a common problem ??? and is it the computer wireless causing it ???
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  • WoodchipWoodchip Posts: 205
    My old wireless could exceed 80mph if I was using Bluetooth near it.
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  • redveeredvee Posts: 11,922
    My Aldi special used to go haywire when I was outside Virgin/Zavvi cause of the security barriers. My cateye shows I've toppped out at 92.4mph which I think is down to a set of lights that change for buses but I've been going through another set in Brizzle with no probs in the past, the problem is I don't want to be looking at the computer when playing with rushhour traffic.
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  • desperate73desperate73 Posts: 135
    Thanks for the replies guys. Yes looks like interference from laptop is the cause. Bluetooth on laptop is off as is phone. But the wireless is on with laptop, phone, router, printer and fax machine. So the computer will be staying on the bike to prevent reading worries.
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