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decision for my b day

fourcrossjohnfourcrossjohn Posts: 2,500
edited August 2009 in MTB general
my 17th is on the 3rd of august- this monday :)

pay day is tommorow so my moneys will be quite substantial :)

do i get a road bike and get a jump bike/hardtail later


buy a jump/hardtail then a road bike?

advice please and opinions and bike ideas would be nice

roadie £400 max
hardtail jumper £400min £700 max



  • stickygreenstickygreen Posts: 339
    A good freind of mine had the same problem 3 months ago,he went for the road bike,then i got my new bike (genesis core 20) started going off road and he borrowed an old mountain bike and started coming with me,then he bought an old giant something or other for 100 quid and we went to brechfa he enjoyed so much he's just forked out for a rockhopper comp and can't see himself using the road bike much anymore.
  • Thread8Thread8 Posts: 479
    i would say definatly jump bike first, but it is really personal preference :D

    for the £400-700 price range, you can actually get some decent bikes, like konas, maybe commencals, stuff like that
    Haro Thread 8
    Please help!

    "It's like parkour, on a bike"
  • fourcrossjohnfourcrossjohn Posts: 2,500
    was thinking spesh p1 or 2

    comencal mamax absolute
  • Thread8Thread8 Posts: 479
    spesh p1's are nice well equipped bikes, i would recommend it as my mate has one and loves it

    i dont know how i forgot it from my list :oops:
    Haro Thread 8
    Please help!

    "It's like parkour, on a bike"
  • fourcrossjohnfourcrossjohn Posts: 2,500
    considering paying an extra 300 for a orange crush :) ooo the fox's
  • NorthwindNorthwind Posts: 14,675
    When you say "road bike" are you a proper roadie? Do you need something svelte and rapid? Or is it for commuting etc? Cos if it's the latter, you could get something perfectly usable for a fraciton of your budget, go on gumtree or similiar and get a random 90s steel hardtail for £50, budget for a new chain, cassette, blocks and tyres... Instant road bike.
    Uncompromising extremist
  • marinman1marinman1 Posts: 262
    get an absolute, more fun than a road bike
  • Get your jump bike first, for the simple fact that it can go on and off road, whereas if you get a road bike your limited to freshly laid tarmac and snooker tables !! :lol:
  • bregantebregante Posts: 271
    I think you already know the answer. You've posted the question in the MTB forum!! :wink:
  • Stoo61Stoo61 Posts: 1,394
    Get a MTB after a while you will forget the road bike and be looking for a more expensive squishy MTB no doubt. You can also satisfy yourself with a pair of slicks on a cheeky hardtail if you get that censored feeling..... :D
  • GrimyGrimy Posts: 111
    Take goerdiefreeriders good advice! You can take a MTB on the road, but you cant take a road bike anywhere other than a velodrome. You could of course hold back £30 of you budget for a pair of slicks for the MTB and just swap the tyres depending what your doing! 8)
  • bluechair84bluechair84 Posts: 4,352
    Your only 17, you've got the rest of your life to be an old man - you haven't got much time before you start having financial responsibility so get the DJ out of your system first and feel free to break a few bones!! You can roadie till you retire.
  • fourcrossjohnfourcrossjohn Posts: 2,500
    ive found a blue and black stp for 250,, my silver 1 cost me 280.. so i 'll get that and add some white foxes to them rather than keep the rigids
  • rwalworthrwalworth Posts: 176
    Grimy wrote:
    , but you cant take a road bike anywhere other than a velodrome.

    I know it's a joke, but a velodrome is one of the places you wouldn't be allowed to take a road bike because the bikes have to be fixed wheel with a single gear.
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