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Cycling related wedding reading

nic_77nic_77 Posts: 929
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I am a self confessed cycling fanatic, and since we got together my now wife has slowly been persuaded to the ways of cycling. At our recent wedding we wanted to have a cycling related reading but we couldn't find anything suitable anywhere!

We bought a tandem a few years ago in order to ride together, so I decided to write a short piece myself symbolising our developing relationship as a tandem ride... It went down pretty well at the wedding so I thought I would share it with you!

The Tandem Ride, by Nicolas Pillinger

From the turn, the road sweeps steadily, falling into refreshing
shadows cast by a late autumn sun. The warm silence is stirred
only by the smooth click of a free-running chain searching for
a faster gear. The riders settle into a seamless new form, pedalling
hard in perfect unison, as an endless stream of satin flees
unnoticed beneath them, lost together in a carefree world.

Through the trees and the duo rise once more, pressing the machine
on against the gradient. Two hearts beat in parallel to supply
thankful muscles. The wheels weave a confident course through the
potential perils of the shaded surface. Four legs power on in fluid
harmony, cresting the hill driven as if by a single being.

With the rise behind them, breath returns effortlessly and a new
view slides serenely into focus. An orange glow bathes this yet
uncharted kingdom, and the pair sit-up to chatter enthusiastically
of the routes they have yet to travel.


  • softladsoftlad Posts: 3,513
    I would have suggested Ezekiel 10:9 - all that talk about wheels within wheels would have been pretty good. Certainly would have baffled the congregation....
  • pottsstevepottssteve Posts: 4,043
    Have you read, "It's not about the wife"?
    Head Hands Heart Lungs Legs
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