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My new pride and joy

J55TTCJ55TTC Posts: 224
edited July 2009 in Your mountain bikes
Not the most lush of bikes but I love it, especially the colour and the subtle graphics. Ive been into bikes for a while and this knocks the socks off my old GT. More mods to follow no doubt :oops:

'09 rockhopper comp.




The babys bedroom



  • fat_homerfat_homer Posts: 470
    really nice looking! love the carbon bars!
  • dubnut71dubnut71 Posts: 123
    Loving the bike and the bars!!

    are you Berkshire way by any chance? just that the car looks familiar to me, maybe confusing it with another one though!!
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    Giant Seek 3 (full XT group)
  • lawmanlawman Posts: 6,868
    i loved my first bike ...... for about a month :P then wanted a new one ........ nice bike tho one of the less boring speshs, thank god its not brown :shock:
  • J55TTCJ55TTC Posts: 224
    Hey thanks for the comments :)

    Im in surrey but the car gets out to berkshire here and there so it might be me. Its fairly loud (3"downpipe, sport cat and exhaust) so if who you saw was quiet then it wasnt me :wink:
  • RealManRealMan Posts: 2,166
    argh riser bars with bar ends take it away....!!

    Still, looks very nice.
  • J55TTCJ55TTC Posts: 224
    RealMan wrote:
    argh riser bars with bar ends take it away....!!

    Still, looks very nice.

    Agreed it doesnt look all that great but I find them really useful :oops:
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