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OK, first post, but I’m wondering, has anyone else ever managed to p******* a set of Schwalbe Marathon Plus tyres?

Well I did last night, first p******* in about 2000+ miles of commuting on said tyres (2 sets so far). These things are unbreakable, like riding on concrete donuts…or so I thought… :roll:

Thing is, I’m a muppet. I got blasé & left all p******* repair utensils at home…tyre levers, pump, inner tube, all sitting happily in my shed, nice & dry.

So there was I, with a long walk home in the rain to be re-united with said utensils. Needless to say I am now fully kitted out for every ride. I’ll ride naked if I have to save weight, but these things are now my best friends.

Has anyone else ever done this? Or am I really as big a muppet as I feel right now?...OK don’t answer that one…!!



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    Everyone has probably done that at one time or other.

    Not had many unscheduled deflations lately but for the last on my Pearson I had all the repair kit but, despite much searching, no pump. Grrr. Did any bugger stop to ask if I was alright during my 3 mile walk. Nope.
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    It is possible to get a bike in the back of a black cab. Getting a black cab to stop whilst wearing lycra is another matter. :(
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    My record is an 8 mile walk home from the farthest point of Richmond Park, in the rain, in lycras and cleated shoes. By the time I got home I was so cold my hand could barely turn the key in my front door. Made a point of carrying at best a repair kit, at worst some money, since then.
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    Yep happened to me twice. On one occasion a guy kindly stopped gave me a tube, fitted and pumped it up for me.

    Second time I walked my bike to my Grans and got a lift home.
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    I once had two spare tubes, patches and tyre irons but no pump - I relived the moment the night before I had taken it out to reorganise my backpack more than once as I walked the 15 wet, hilly miles home.
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    Thanks all, you guys sound far more experienced than me, so to hear all this has somewhat lessened my embarrassment...

    It must be where I live, but no-one even acknowledged me, even cyclists. I tried my best to look pathetic & downtrodden (not hard), tyre hanging off rear wheel, slightly put-on limp, but did anyone stop?

    Still, it's taught me a lesson anyway... :roll:

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    The lesson? Yep, other people are c**ts!

    Though one of the ladies here had a nicer experience recently - some bloke gave her his repair kit. Figure it out. :lol:

    I've got the schwalbe M+s, and although I've never had a problem with them, with my old tyres (spesh armadillos) whenever I forgot my pump or other bits I would definately have a puncture... But I had to remember I didn't have the kit first. :?
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    I had Pro Race 2 on my bike and punctured Only one sodding lever and do you think I could get it off with one lever?
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    Handy tip if you are ever short of a tyre lever - use the quick release lever on your wheel skewers. I've had desperate moments... :?
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    stevep3156 wrote:
    It must be where I live, but no-one even acknowledged me, even cyclists. I tried my best to look pathetic & downtrodden (not hard), tyre hanging off rear wheel, slightly put-on limp, but did anyone stop?

    I'd have stopped! :D I've repaired more punctures for other people than for myself on the way to/from work. I also free trapped chains or re-engage them on the chainring. At the very least I slow down to ask "do you have everything you need?" Can't understand why someone would just ride by - unless perhaps if they don't have the kit or knowledge themselves, I suppose.
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  • stevep3156
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    I guess they were thinking 'Nice day to take your bicycle for a walk'...

    All I was missing was a leash & a plastic bone strapped to the handlebars...!

    I think most cyclists are decent people like yourself Agent57, who enjoy riding & respect others for doing the same...I guess I was just unlucky... the idea of using the QR lever though, that's one to bear in mind...