I'm Upset!!!

Piersy Boy
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This evening I went my first track training session, paid my £1 and cycled in circles (in the same direction as everyone else I might add.)

Having done a few laps and got used to what it was all about I eventually found a small group cycling at the same pace I felt comfortable with.

There was a terrible headwind on the uphill section and I resolved to sitting at the back of the group gratefully being goaded up the hill. I then wanted to share some of the work on the flatter section so as not to be seen as a cheeky lazy sod, so I made my way to the front, where I expected them to sit on my wheel while I did some of the work, but to my disappointment they seemed to hang back or I was going too fast. (I felt that they were more than capable at keeping up with me.)

So what was I doing wrong? I do have a lot still to learn so any advice and cheering up appreciated.

Piersy Boy,

(sorry for long post).


  • volvicspar
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    They did this to me when I went on the track. Afterwards they said it was because my speed wasn't consistent enough and apparently I wobbled to much :shock: They are probably just playing safe because a crash could put them out for a long time. I woudn't worry about.
    Go back and practice some more 8)
  • Redsteveb
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    Do you mind me asking where this was?
  • John.T
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    What kind of track has hills. Banking, yes but hills, no.
  • Piersy Boy
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    Redsteveb wrote:
    Do you mind me asking where this was?

    It was at Castle Combe
  • Bugly
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    Honestly? I think Volvicspar hit it on the head. Riding track takes experience and trusting the experience and reactions of other riders, this can be as simple as knowing how to indicate that you are pulling off from the front, knowing how to peel off without causing issues to the pack, keeping a steady pace etc

    Give it time - you are there to learn the ropes first