SPD: Shimano M076 or Specialized BG Sport

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hi all :)

i know im commiting a sin for some people but im going to get a set of Shimano m520 spd pedals and im looking for some shoes around the £50 mark.
(I need to be able to walk a reasonble distance so have discounted the spd-l's for the moment)

After some reading ive narrowed it down to the Shimano M076 or Specialized Bg Sport
Does anyone have good or bad comments about either shoe?

Shimano M076
http://www.evanscycles.com/products/shi ... s-ec017587

Specialized BG Sport
http://www.evanscycles.com/products/spe ... s-ec011618

thanks for any replies

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    There are it seems a growing number of "roadies" who use SPD's for similar reasons to you, or simply because like myself they've crossed-over from MTB's. It therefore makes sense to have one shoe system for both bikes. So, it is less of a "sin" these days to use SPD's on a road bike than it may have been in previous years.

    Road shoes and pedals offer a few small advantages over SPD's - generally the shoes are lighter and slightly stiffer soled, and the pedals usually offer a larger contact surface.

    Personally, I just prefer to walk about normally when off my bike, rather than skitter around like a drunken tart on a Saturday night with a broken heel on her stilettos. :lol:

    Both of the shoes you list would not look out of place on a road bike, my personal preference is for the Shimanos.
    ps. They're listed cheaper here: http://www.merlincycles.co.uk/mountain-bike-shoes/shimano-m076.html :wink:
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    I just got some Shimano M076 from Wiggle. Their price was £63, but I emailed them to ask them if they would price match Merlin who are doing them for £49. They said yes :) . If you sign up to the Wiggle newsletter (or change your preferences) you will get a £5 voucher, in addition, if you haven't used Wiggle before if someone refers you, you get some free glasses (pm me if you want to be referred).

    Anyway, with the price match and the £5 discount I ended up paying £44 for them! Delivered next day (select free delivery, always arrives next day) 8)

    I bought them to use on my road bike, tried them today, they seemed light, and nice and stiff, yet walking was fine. Verdict: excellent!

    I am size 45 normally, but I know from previous experience (Shimano MT90 boots) that Shimano shoes are small, so I ordered 47.

    I haven't tried the BG shoes, but I do have some Specialized Taho's. The sizing of them is "normal". The Taho's are a bit flexy, but I expect the BG's are stiffer. The Spesh shoes do have a fancy insole with a bump under the metatarsal arch, this should be good but it doesn't suit me, though I do like Spesh stuff.
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    I've used Shimano and Spesh and prefer the spesh. The BG footbeds are very good and the shoes fit and last well, so they'd be my choice. But this all depends on your foot shape etc. so best to try them on really.

    Spuds for the road are fine. Modern soles are very stiff so hotspots are not an issue and the walkability is handy. They are a tad heavier, that's the only downside over the -SLs I can see.
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    +1 on Spesh. They're a bit wider than the Shimanos (or at least seemed to be when I tried them on) and I also preferred the footbed. They're much, much stiffer than the Tahos but strangely I had to go a size up....
  • Not much differene bewteen the two really. I tried both shoes and got Shimano as they sold the inbetween size I needed. Seems like Spesh have limited sizes. You should really try them both in a shop to find out which ones fit the best for width and length of foot.

    And how about these pedals - Shimano A520 SPD Touring Pedals
    http://www.evanscycles.com/products/shi ... s-ec006484

    The slightly bigger surface area but still SPD.
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    Thanks for all the help :)

    The problem is i can never find shoes that fit perfectly as my feet are an odd shape, lol
    I have large feet but small toes, my left foot is slightly larger than the right and has more depth to it if you know i mean.

    I tried the shimanos (45&46) last night at halfords the 45 were just to tight across the top, but the 46 were ok if still a little tight.
    Unfortunately i cant find a shop that stocks both makes that i could try on at the same time and compare, there is an evans about 40miles away that in theory should but its quite small so has limited range.

    i will give the local evans a call to see if they have the Specialized in stock.

    Ive also email wiggle asking if they will price match the shimano shoes :)
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    I've got the model above of the Spesh shoes and use them with M520's and they're great.

    TBH, it's down to the sizing and shape of your foot really whether you choose the Shimano or Spesh shoes. The Shimanos just didn't fit me at all.
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    I hear Shimano are a narrower fit, versus the wider Specialized. So it may be that your foot size determines which you should go for.
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    go a tad bigger, so you can wear woollie boollie socks in winter. You can always add an insole in summer to pad them out.
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    Hi all,

    just thought i would give you a quick update.

    I tried both the Shimano & Specialized and went for the specialized (46) in the end as they were a better fit.

    Had my first test run on them last night after practicing clipping in and out about 100 times in the garden until i felt comfortable enough to go out.

    thanks once again :)
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