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Traffic Free Circular Bike Rides North West England

Janbo25Janbo25 Posts: 68
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Hi, I am looking for some ideas of bikes rides to do as a family but my son is only 5, although he is very confident on his bike. We would ideally like to find some circular routes which are traffic free anywhere around the North West England. Any ideas would be appreciated?


  • DogbertDogbert Posts: 10
    We are in the same position. Not sure where in the NW you are but have a look at these. Most are out and back, though the Gisburn Forset and Rivington ones are circular. Hopefully we are going to try a couple of these at the weekend.


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  • passoutpassout Posts: 4,425
    Grizedale Forest in the Lakes? It has plenty of fireroads & circular routes, a bit hilly though
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  • NFMCNFMC Posts: 232
    The looplines made from the old railway lines are pretty good.

    Where I live (Monton near Eccles) has access to the Worsley loop-lines. You can then get traffic free (and pretty flat) all the way to Bolton. For a loop you can turn off and come back along the Bridgewater canal or through Worsley golf-course (going on a very quiet road for about 300 yards).

    My six year old has been doing that route for years and my three year old is pretty good on it on his balance Islabike.
  • NFMCNFMC Posts: 232
    Meant to say before posting...these rides are pretty good but not 'must dos' or anything. Only if you live nearish.
  • You could always try the prom ride from fleetwood to blackpool. There is plenty of places to stop off at to give you a break :D
  • AndsAnds Posts: 1,437
    The Trans Pennine Trail is nice around south Warrington/Lymm/Altrincham. It's a former railway line and is pretty flat and completely traffic-free. I take my children on there (aged 3 & 5) most weeks and they love it. There is plenty of wildlife along the way plus the Bridgewater canal runs adjacent to it at certain points so you can always stop to feed the ducks and see the barges.

    It's not a circular tho.

    Do you go top Delamere Forest at all?
  • Yes really like doing Delamere Forrest
  • polofart wrote:
    You could always try the prom ride from fleetwood to blackpool. There is plenty of places to stop off at to give you a break :D

    The only problem with this route are the masses of tourists who shout censored at you if you're going on a road bike of some sort...:D Amount of times I've heard "vrooomm" or have people shout stuff to try and knock the concentration, it kind of gets old.
  • Try doing it on a trike. You always get either asked about the bike or you get asked if they can have a lift. When i do it on my racer i ignore any funny comments. As i do the run from norbreck castle every monday night with a couple of mates weather permiting. The prom is basically dead now the trams are off for the next 5 months. :twisted:
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