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poll... spds or flats



  • Having just got back into cycling after 10 years out (ish) I have been riding my 17 year old bike with clips and straps which in all honesty I quite like. However I have just about completed my inbred bike build and I almost feel like I should be using spds as I only do xc riding. I am just a little scared to fork out £100 on shoes and pedals and not get on with them, especially when I quite often happily ride on the strapless side of my current pedals.

    My local bike shop have offered to let me try spds but none of them have shoes as big as me. It can be really confusing.
  • toastytoasty Posts: 2,598
    Not too risky. Going by the above stats, of people who have tried SPDs, 84% still use them!
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