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Only things about Mavic one is it is quite a disappointingly deep unit in the flesh (you'd think being that big they could have made it thin?) plus if you want it centrally mounted over your stem then the bracket is still offset to the side to be visible on the bars (picky? ...not if you use clip on TT bars that you need that space to be free to clamp them on where the computer now goes, which is very likely).

Alternatves? Two spring to mind, both with Cadence too.... the Polar CS200cad you can get for £79 or the Cateye V3 for £99 ...the cateye has a single chainstay sensor and the batteries are replaceable ...VS... the polar which has two sensors, one fork, one chainstay (i believe no battery replacing - anyone?) but also has a way of getting data off it onto your computer/their online training tracking software (this works by audio, so your computer needs a mic or use a laptop that has one anyway and it will talk to it like an 80s computer loading a computer game off a tape recorder). Also bear in mind that this data is only ride summary stuff, I don't think it will give you a nice timeline of HR, Cadence and Speed information across a ride that you might imagine it could, just the figures from the end of your rides.


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    I've got one and quite like it. Advantages for me is the mounting on the handle bar, yes it does stick out quite a bit but I find it easy to read. Also it leaves room for a Garmin which I only attach when i need a map. Also the sensor mount is nice and tidy, no need to attach a sensor to the forks which leaves a cleaner line and helps cleaning.

    disadvanges - I have heard compliants that they are slow to register, but I've never found this. Also with my wheels you have to be careful to ensure that the magnet and sensor do not hit each other ie there is not much clearance so careful setting up required.

    Hope this helps.
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    I'd rather go for a Polar, or even a Garmin, than a Mavic.
    Just my personal opinion though.
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    Yes I have the Mavic Wintech computer and really like it. Much easeir to read than the previous cateye and you can position it over the stem or in front of the stem - and you can get it dead central so it looks rght. Very easy to scroll through the different screens on the move. Overall very pleased with the purchase