West to Central London: Best Route?

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I'm moving east to west in a few weeks, so my commute's going to basically be the opposite to what it is now (Docklands over to Cambridge Circus).

Going to be going from Goldhawk Road-ish (Shepherds Bush) - having had a quick look I'm guessing the 'best' route isn't the one following the Central Line into central London...the amount of people around Marble Arch / Oxford Street must make that one, er, fun!

So, is it through Hyde Park and then some side streets that's best? Any recommendations gratefully received to save me the headache of getting it wrong for a few journeys!
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    Following the Central Line is fine, and then halfway along Bayswater Road you have to go round a one-way section - instead of going back onto Bayswater Road and thence to Marble Arch, you stay a street or two to the north of Bayswater Road/Oxford Street, only coming back down when you need to to get to Cambridge Circus (via Frith Street and Old Compton Street, perhaps).
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    Definitely avoid Oxford St - for me, the TfL site suggested going a bit north via Paddington & Marylebone and it works out quicker and quieter. I turn off Holland Park Ave at the Holland Park tube stop and go from there. There's no perfect route, but good luck, see you out there!