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in a second hand shop, £35.

Dave Lloyd,... Reynolds 753R frame and forks, frame builder Peter Woodworth, who was/is a buisiness partner of Chris Boardman.

Campag downtube levers and front mech... Shimano 600 calipers, 6speed rear mech,
Mavic MA40 wheels, hand built by Harry Hall of Manchester.

Needs quite a bit of work to make it rideable . Just getting back to cycling after a couple of years off through ill health.

Pete. ... eLloyd.jpg
Its how far !!


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    That's a lovely bike mate, nice find!

    I don't know much about racing bikes to be honest, that's a really nice find and I can't see anything wrong with it at all, took me 5 speed Raleigh ACE out for a nice spin today.

    These older bikes ride really well, have to say they soak up the tarmac bumps much better :)

    I met a chap later on this evening to pick-up a petrol lawn mower and he had a pinky coloured reynolds 531? bike almost complete sitting there doing nothing much at all and he even said he hardly ever rides it.
    I'm going to try to see if I can have it off him for a few bob, was a nice bike in my mind :)

    Really good find pete keep up the eagle eyed work your doing and I'd like to hear more on how your going to restore it as I'm doing some of the same myself on both my Phillips Phantom and the Raleigh ACE :)

    Had my hands almost shaking and feeling jittery after a blast with some tin foil trying to remove rust from the chrome wheel rims, and I'm trying to invest in a dremel type of tool to help me along with things like that :)

    Kind regards,

    I'm a major payne in the rear an so's my saddle! Gotta love the local bike, innit!

    The Phillips Phantom
    The Raleigh ACE!
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    nice bike - if your name is "Dave Lloyd"
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    gkerr4 wrote:
    nice bike - if your name is "Dave Lloyd"

    Dave Lloyd (Former pro rider now known as a top coach in the UK)

    see also here

    MajorPayne,...I have never restored a bike before , only drumkits.
    I suppose a strip down, a good clean, check spec for origional parts,

    Dont know what to do about frame.Its pretty scuffed and scratched, If I got it resrayed how would I go on about the name decals and the reynolds stickers

    Its how far !!
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    On second thoughts, after a bit of research I have come to the conclusion that Dave Lloyd built the bike for Peter Woodworth (whose name is on the top tube of the frame).

    as you were.

    Its how far !!
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    Reference Reynolds stickers - you can get them from Reynolds themsleves, as I did a couple of years ago.

    They cost about a fiver.


    miles more cycling comfort
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    Great deal for £35 but worth checking for corrosion as 753 tubes are very thin - particularly the chainstays just behind the bottom bracket - if the bike was used in winter without guards, water would run down the seattube and collect in the BB shell and corrode from the inside out
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..