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Sherwood Pines with my girlfriend

easygeasyg Posts: 266
edited July 2009 in Routes
Hi Guys, it's beeen a long time :( but now I need some advice.

Me and my girl (just learning) were thinking of checking out Sherwood Pines which I hear would be ok for a beginner to enjoy some off-roading and hopefully catch the bug - is this suitable for a beginner and if so how much trail is there at this level?

Appreciate any help. Easy, G
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  • big_tex_ukbig_tex_uk Posts: 183
    Yes its very suitable, your best bet is to head out round the blue route which is good fun and great for beginners. I think its about 5-6 miles.

    Hope you enjoy
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  • YIManYIMan Posts: 576
    Definitely suitable for beginners - give the blue a go like Bix Tex says but don't be afraid of the Red Kitchener route either - it's by no means red by Alpine standards - your girlfriend will be able to get round if you accept she may have to push the odd section.
  • easygeasyg Posts: 266
    Excellent mate thanks for that.

    To be honest she does really well. I inadvertently took her on the red route at Llandegla last summer! She hadn't ridden a bike in 15 yrs! The hire bike then was a Kona Hoss (aka Sherman Tank).

    She got round in just over two and a bit hours and only lost a small section of her upper thigh whilst doing so which I thought was quite impressive. Of course I got it in the neck a little but I did deserve it. I totally misjudged that one.

    So - my question is, is the red at Sherwood Pines of a similar level to Llandegla? and do you know what distance it is?

    I'm happy with blue for now for her as its early days and I want her to enjoy it, and feel confident on her trusty GT but it would be good to know there is some more trail to have a go at if she is getting the feeling...

    Thanks for any help.
    "If you think straight enough, you can see round corners"
  • TomBeardsleyTomBeardsley Posts: 150
    The Kitchener is easy as pie. Theres barely anything technical.
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  • abducteeabductee Posts: 189
    I haven't done Llandegla but looking at youtube I would say its probably more challenging than Sherwood Pines. There isn't anything to worry about on the Kitchener red route. My 8 year old son did it. Its just short of 10 miles and not very hilly.
  • easygeasyg Posts: 266
    Thanks for that guys - blue and red it is. We've got rain tomorrow it seems - groovy :shock:
    "If you think straight enough, you can see round corners"
  • ji_ji_ Posts: 38
    Sherwood is about 10 miles - less than Llandegla. There is almost no climbing (and certainly nothing like the climb at the beginning of Llandegla. The technical elements of the red are mud (although not too bad now some of the route has been resurfaced) and roots. My wife (who I probably wouldn't take to Llandegla) managed the red OK, including the downhill section, but did struggle with the fitness towards the end.

    Take a map and work out some shortcuts - from most places the centre is not far away, but the direction to take is not always obvious.

    Enjoy. - Louth Area Mountain Bikers
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