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Biker87Biker87 Posts: 9
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Hi all.

Does anyone know of any good routes around the torquay area?

I am not looking for anything difficult, just some decent bridleways etc, i've got a OS map here but with my dodgy eyesight it's not so easy to find any routes.



  • Biker87Biker87 Posts: 9
    No one?
  • cameraukcamerauk Posts: 998
    Not sure about around Torquay but there are a few up at Haldon nr Exeter have you been up there?
    If you find any or fancy a ride out any day give me a shout
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  • Biker87Biker87 Posts: 9
    Cheers camerauk.

    I haven't been to haldon yet, i will try and get my dad to take me out there tho as it sounds good.
  • cameraukcamerauk Posts: 998
    yes it is good easy to spend the day up there red run is the best if you have have had a bit of riding under ur belt
    There is plenty to do if ur dad dont ride then he can go for a walk around there is a cafe and bike hire there
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  • devbrixdevbrix Posts: 127
    Try this one just out of Brixham down to the banks of the Dart. Its a mixture of cross country, some tecnical and some very fast downhill - but beware of walkers and horses and theres one or two very very long steep descents which you need to be wary of. A lot of its National Trust land and your not supposed to cycle on it but I've been doing it for years without any hassle.
    The route is about 15m and takes me (from home in Brixham) 1.5 hours. ... 2f035006a3

    Have fun
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