Is it worth upgrading a whole groupset?

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I've got a trek 1000. It's a few years old but in generally good condition. It has a mix of Sora and Tiagra kit on it. I can't really afford a new road bike at the minute but do like the look of the planet x carbon bikes. I was thinking of replacing the groupset with a 105 package. Is this actually worth it or should I just save up, by the planet x and keep my current bike for winter. I'm not racing but do have my eye on completing a handful of sportives next year.


  • Wappygixer
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    I think you know the sensible thing to do deep down.
    If your current bike is working perfectly well then keep it as it is.As you don't plan to do anything until next year then save up and wait until the end of the year for a decent price
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    I would save up and go for the Planet X and save yours for winter.

    105 gruppo would be what ? £400 ? You wont notice £400 worth of improvement.
    If stuff wears out - then yeah you need to replace it, but I wouldnt get a whole groupset just for the hell of it.

    Everyone needs 2 bikes surely ? ;-)
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    I've got 3 bikes already. One ss commuter, one hardtail mtb and one road bike.

    I'm looking at acquiring no. 4 in the end of year sales which will be a fs mtb.

    With mtb the whole "replace it when it wears out" thing is fine but with road bikes you can get thousands and thousands of miles out of stuff as it isn't subject to the stresses and mud of mtbing.
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    Not worth upgrading then - you wont notice any difference in performance.