Raleigh ACE!

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Heya guys,

I've just picked up a nice Raleigh ACE Circa 1983 I think :)
I'll show you the image I've only just got it home and she needs a bit of work :)


Kind regards

P.S: My mums gonna kill me to be honest as I've dumped it in the back room with the rest of my kit at the moment so far I've knocked over the coffee table and bits went everywhere, then the lamp fell off the dresser.. I've managed to dodge the video cab by not scraping anything on the wood so I should still have one leg left by this evening..

I'm a major payne in the rear an so's my saddle! Gotta love the local bike, innit!

The Phillips Phantom http://tinypic.com/a/x10g/2
The Raleigh ACE! http://i31.tinypic.com/25fhzcn.jpg