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Hi everyone. I'm doing a college project about advancement of technology in the cycle industry and the only thing I am struggling with is hubs. Could anyone direct me to anywhere that has info about MTB hubs and the history of brake fittings etc? Has the 6 bolt system always been standard? as I've seen some places that have 4 bolt hubs. Or is it only certain companies that make 4 bolt fittings?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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    there have been a few more than 6 bolt tbh mate, hope and a few others did 5 bolt a few years ago, shimano has centre lock, which is basically a splined rotor and a lockring, and now hope do special hubs and rotors that are 3 and 4 bolt on the their sp 3 and 4 wheelsets. hope that helps
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    have a read of the brake mounts sticky in tech section.

    basically there was a standard that came out in 2000 that is the IS standard. 6 bolt disc mounting and 51mm spacing on the caliper.

    before that there are a few variations. just be for the IS standard there was a different disc to caliper mount spacing.

    then there was before that the Formula standard which had 49mm spacing on the caliper and smaller bolts. formula also did 4 bolt hubs.

    during all this there was the Post mount standard which also had a change about the same time and went from 69mm to 74mm.

    Also there are the odd balls.

    the boxer mount, the monster mount and the fox 40 mounts but again most of this is in the sticky in tech.
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