How do a Scott Addict and Pinarello Prince Carbon compare?

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Has anyone ridden a Scott Addict and a Pinarello Prince Carbon and know how they compare? Currently I have a 2008 Scott Addict R4 and am considering getting a Pinarello Prince Carbon or maybe a Scott Addict R1/R2. I was wondering how these bikes compare? Will the Prince be a lot better than my R4 and will I notice much difference in how they ride and is the Addict R1 or R2 as good as the Prince? Thanks in advance.


  • stevenb
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    The Prince is a lovely machine. My mate has one. They are very expensive.
    I contemplated these models before I bought my last bike.
    The Addict frame is only marginally lighter than the CR1 carbon frame that Scott do.
    The Prince is I bought a BMC Team Machine instead and I was glad I did (although I have since sold it to help fund the purchase of my new car).
    Other alternatives I looked at before I bought the BMC were the Felt bikes.
    These are actually very underated, very well made and superbly specced and I would seriously chose the Felt over the Scott/Prince anyday....but thats my opinion.

    I don't think there's much in it whichever you decide.
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    I can't comment on the Prince(although they do look great), but I have had a Scott Addict R1 for about a month and it feels great. I had a Focus Cayo before and this thing is leagues ahead in terms of ride quality, handling and quality of finish. They are super light too . Mine is an 08 model in all black from Westbrook Cycles and I got it for half price. At a touch over a grand there was nothing else worth a look in my view.

    Sorry it's not a balanced argument ie Scott v Prince but the Scott is a fine frame package.