Road bike for £1500 (Boardman pro carbon)

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Been looking around for a few month's now for a new road bike in the £1,200 to £1,500 range.
Seems to be a lot out there and a few good offers. Anyone got something in the price range and has anyone got a Boardman Pro carbon. Read all the good reviews and I'm not above myself to buy this from Halfords, even though the sales assistant could only say it was for use on roads that was why it was called a road bike!!! :shock: muppet
And they can't get one in to view unless you purchase one and order it to the store??
So has anyone got a review other than the by magazine reviews and has used it for a few months.
Any advice or suggestions?
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  • sturmey
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    They are supposed to be a good ride.

    Only problem you will have is that you and about a thousand other people are looking to buy one and there aren't any in any Halfords stores this side of Venezuela,

    So you are unlikely to get one,whether you want one or not.
  • cougie
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    I have a couple of mates with Boardmans - all very happy with them. My only reservation is that if you're not mechanically minded and it comes from Halfords less than perfectly set up - but that shouldnt happen....
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    I have to say that I was looking at the Boardman bikes but after reading all the negativity I wondered if it was worth it.
    Sometimes it's easier to pay a fraction more and get another bike that's equally as good.
    Don't forget, there are a lot of alternative bikes out there that don't get tested which are excellent machines too.

    I emailed Halfords customer services 4 days ago about the availability of the Pro Carbon and Team Carbon.......and no reply....what a surprise.... :roll: :lol:
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    Bizarrely this is the exact same quandry I am in.

    I popped into my LBS and challenged the guy to come up with something in the same area and he suggested a Spec Roubaix or Trek Madone

    He did suggest that the Carbon on the Boardmans is of a lower quality, but this may be due to them being so new to the game... his comment was to stick with a manufacturer with a longer history. My thought on this was that precludes you EVER buying anything from a new guy.

    I have to say the Roubaix was almost perfect as it's slightly more relaxed geomtry would suit my style as I'm not after an out an out performance at all costs style.
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    Considered a giant bike? Few gaint stores popping up around the place now, one just opened in Cambridge....

    With the money you are aiming to spend have you looked at the sale 2008 bikes? Some you'd get with 500-1000 pounds off...

    Tcr carbon would fit the bill for you..
  • ScottieP
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    Planet X are doing a special offer on their Pro Carbon SL with full Dura Ace 7900 for £1599 - that's just the bits though, it's another £100 for them to build it for you. For about £1700 Wiggle are doing their Cayo's with either SRAM Red or Campag Chorus 11 too. Those are all good alternatives even if they are admittedly a bit dearer.
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  • Yorkiand
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    Bianchi 928 C2C.

    Beautiful bike!
  • Mothyman
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    i had same issue a few weeks ago - wanted to test ride so excluded the unobtainables - Boardman/Ribble/Focus - wanted long ride comfort for bad back - narrowed down to Madone 4.5, Giant Adv 3,Spesh Roubaix comp and Orbea(but didnt get to test ride) - went for the Spesh and love it to bits

    I'm sure I'd love them all to bits though
    if i'd had more time the bianchi c2c, cannondale synapse, cervelo ? which one...they're all great.
    haved never seen anyone do a 'my bike is junk' post at £1500......other than the spoke problems of the boardman apparently

    good luck
  • Evil Laugh
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    I've just been through a similar extensive quest over the last month or so, looking for a carbon framed racer up to £1600.

    The nicest I tried were the Trek Madone 4.5 and Cannondale Synapse 105 Compact.

    Both were £1600. The quality of the ride on both these bikes was superior to everything else I tested. They are both beautiful bikes too.

    The Felt Z35 was also really nice and you can pick those up for around £1250 at the moment.

    The Fuji CCR2 was also a pretty nice bike for £1200 at Evans. There were some 2008s for £800 on ebay, which seems a really good deal.

    I found a dealer selling the Cannondale for £1199 a couple of days ago and it's due to arrive tommorow so I'm obviously very pleased.

    I think they, Westbrook cycles, have some left at that price.

    All the bikes I tried were a more comfort orientated geometry as I was coming from a Trek 7.6 fx and the race geometry was a bit too much of a stretch for me.