Haggling and frame advice

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Hi been lurking for a while thought now is the time to post the usual first time buyer question :)
Been looking at treating myself for my 30th for a few weeks now. Tried a spesh allez sport and trek 1.5 and 1.7 this week decided on the 1.7. The price is 830, dont think they will budge on price but should i push for some bits and pieces or is that cheeky after the bike is discounted. What would you normailly ask for.

Another question is frame size one shop said 58 even though they had a 56 which is good in my eyes. the other shop said i could get away with and look ok on the 56. Im thinking 58. Im 5'11" with 32" inside leg.



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    Haggle, nothing wrong with being cheeky. Think about what else you need and whether the shop has what you want. If they do then say I want bike + XYZ and say what will you do on price. Then if you like what they say then fine, if not go to the next shop and repeat the process. Can always play one shop off against the other, also research some internet prices so you can determine if the deal is a good one in comparison to buying via the net. If price is similar I'd always buy from LBS as they will support you more afterwards with servicing etc. and will give you more attention if you bought the bike from them.

    Frame size is upto to you an what you feel comfier on, if your inbetween sizes then sit on or test ride both if you can and then choose
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    I'm thinking 56. 58 seems a bit too big. I'm in the region of 5'11"-6' with an in side leg of 33" and mine is 56. Fits like a glove. :D

    Always try to get some sort of money off if you're buying a bunch of stuff in one go. I love to use the "any student discount" line. :lol:

    Best of luck getting the right bike for a nice price!
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    I have a 58 and like it as I'm not to bent overto the bars, I'd fit a 56 ok but may get back ache a little.
    Try them to see what feels right