Jeans for Cyclists

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A combination of genes & cycling has left me with a slim (30-31") waist and the thighs of a prop-forward. I need some jeans to wear round the office, but it's been a nightmare finding the right ones - if they fit my thighs then they're too loose at the waist; if they fit my waist then they're skin-tight on my thighs.. Any suggestions? (No, wearing lycra in the office is not a starter!)

Cheers, James


  • Cafewanda
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    Denim 'A'-line skirt :wink:

    Alternative casual trousers with a belt that has extra notches 8)
  • lost_in_thought
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    Most dry-cleaners will do alterations pretty cheaply. Buy them to fit your thighs and take them to the dry-cleaner...
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    don't know what the correct word for them but it called the worker jeans which is baggy but smart-looking-ish.
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    I've ALWAYS had this problem but with normal ladies jeans - I've almost started to believe it's rare to be blessed with a waist /and/ booty...

    If you have much luck with alterations please let me know!
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    Cargo trousers instead of jeans?
  • lardboy
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    There are relaxed fit jeans in Uniqlo for about £25 that I'm trialling at the moment. They seem to be good, if a little flappy around the ankles. ... ight-jeans

    Wow, there's a sale on and they're only £15 now. Time to stock up, I think.
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    Maybe worth trying these

    If you like / are allowed to wear 3/4 shorts, their 'sprint cut' ones are quite smart and good for thighs of steel :wink:

    I also found their service really quick and no problems exchanging sizes.

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    I swear by my 501s - traditional (proper :wink: ) jeans they accomodate my not insubstantial legs with aplomb and make my arse look great. 8)
    Chunky Cyclists need your love too! :-)
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  • jamesco
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    Lots of good suggestions (apart from the skirt :)), I'll brave Oxford St. again for another go. Wish that 501s fitted but no chance, unless I wanna look like Jim Morrison from the waist down..