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Stolen: Specialized FSR XC Pro - Chester - 24/7/09

ianshottonianshotton Posts: 33
edited September 2009 in MTB stolen
Previous topic also in Chester - some b*st*rd is busy.
Broke into the garage in CH3 Boughton Heath area between 12.30 and 8 am early on 24/7.
Silver colour as standard, the only modification is a pair of Wellgo MG1 pedals in XTR Grey.
Frame size is XL.
They seem to have dumped a purple apollo outrider mountain bike (women's) out the back.
If anyone sees this please me an email or feel free to run them over first.


  • James LathamJames Latham Posts: 170
    Did you hear anything about your bike? I had a call from Cheshire Police the other day, I hoped to say they'd found them, unfortunately it was just to take further details about the theft.

    They told me a few months ago they had a spree of bikes being nicked and that they thought it was coming back.

    I went for a wonder after my bike had been stolen, as I must have only missed them by 15min, and also found a purple womens bike nearby. I dont know what make it was, looked like a cheap one from halfords, but it was on its side down an alley near whipcord lane (near telfords warehouse). Looked brand new. Does it sound similar to the one you found?
  • Yes, Apollo is the Halfords brand so sounds almost identical.
    After posted originally I realised my son's burgundy Specialized Hardrock had also been nicked.
    I'm gutted as my neighbour said he heard then saw 3 youths coming from round by our house at around 2am and thought it strange but didn't do anything about it.
  • any luck with the bikes?
  • No luck I'm afraid.
    I'm keeping an eye on ebay - gumtree is too much like hard work and too city dependent to monitor.
    I don't hold out much hope.
  • Hi All,

    Not sure if related, but I heard that the Police had recovered about 20 bikes from some s*itheads house in Ballater Crescent in Vicars Cross.

    There have been a lot of bikes nicked from VX / Boughton area in recent months, so looks like this lad and his brothers/mates maybe linked to a lot of them.

    Maybe worth calling the Police to confirm and see if it has been recovered?
  • Nice one, I'd heard talk of some gang from there being involved, I'll call them tomorrow, Cheers
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