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Any genesis core 20 owners? need measurement please!

dickst3dickst3 Posts: 56
edited July 2009 in MTB buying advice
I wonder if anyone can help. I'm sizing up the 17.5 inch and 19 inch frame, and it seems that the most important measurement is that of stand over clearance. Would you mind measuring from the ground to the top of the top tube just in front of the seat where you stand? I have an inside leg measurement of 31 inches so we'll be looking for maximum height of 30?

I have been on the Genesis website and the 17.5 inch seems to come up to about 29 3/4 inches, and the 19 at 31 inches. So the 19 appears to be too tall for me.

I know I need to try them, but I want an idea of which one I'm aiming for - I also want to make sure Evans have one built for me.



  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Standover is important for the sake of your man vegetables, but not as important as the reach nad overall feel of the set up.

    I'd aim for a miniumum of two inches clearence.
  • dickst3dickst3 Posts: 56
    Thanks super, understood. I am around 31 inch inside leg, so anything taller than 29 to 30 inches in that area I can rule out whatever agreed?

    It just occurred to me with all the confusion over frame sizes etc, if we know we must have clearance in that area it's an easy measurement to make without having to try the bike. Then obviously if I know there's sufficient clearance for a given frame size I can try it out to see if the geometry is comfortable for me.
  • PinkSpiderPinkSpider Posts: 37
    I'd like to know what you decide! I've been trying a mates 19" rockhopper (looking at a Genesis Core 10 but the only stockist listed in Hull doesent appear to do them anymore) and it feels a little too tall. Dont want the reach to be too short on the 17.5" though.

    Gah, need to know. Then can order and get out on long rides again.
  • dickst3dickst3 Posts: 56
    well, i'm 5 10 and a bit, and 31 inside leg. i tried 16 and 18 inch frames in halfords and preferred the 16.

    i'll let you know..........
  • onlyonearrowonlyonearrow Posts: 157
    I've got a 19" Core 10. My inside leg is around 32 and I have about 3-4 inches stand over height.
    Didn't get a chance to try a 17.5", but I do have long (ape) arms, so the extra reach of 19" was the deciding factor.

    Also the seat tube extends a little above the top bar, so check that the Genesis website measurements don't add that to the measurement.
  • dickst3dickst3 Posts: 56
    wow, thats alot then. swaying back towards the 19! presumably the frames are similar sizes.

    thanks for that.

    *edit* i checked the genesis website, the core 20 has 15mm more BB height. what i really need is the ground to top of top tube measurement.......
  • defflerdeffler Posts: 829
    I have a 32" inside leg & went for the 19".
    Lovely bike, good choice
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  • stickygreenstickygreen Posts: 339
    I have a 34 inside leg went for the 19" and have a good 3 1/2" clearance,good choice of bike. :wink:
  • psilocybepsilocybe Posts: 119
    Well after arguing with my mate about what size he should get (i said 17.5, he said 20") he went and bought a 20", he now wishes he had gone for the 19" and he is a 31" inside leg and 5' 10" tall. I still think he would have been fine with a 17.5 just.
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  • dickst3dickst3 Posts: 56
    Thanks guys much appreciated.

    Can anyone take the measurement for me?

    Stickygreen with 34" inside leg has around 3 1/2" clearance, that would leave it very tight for me with a 31" leg!!

    If someone could measure ground to top of top tube that would be less subjective.

  • dickst3dickst3 Posts: 56
    well, i know the answer now! 30.5" to top of top tube on the 19" frame.

    i bought it! sat on it and it felt just right. the clearance is not great for me but okay. anyone wanting to do any rough riding will want the 17.5. the 19" does look big as well, i was surprised.

    anyway, its excellent and i cant wait to get out on it.....

  • keirtristankeirtristan Posts: 296
    Good choice, was out on mine earlier and meant to measure it but forgot. Luckily you don't need to know anymore.

  • dickst3dickst3 Posts: 56
    Cheers, did 5 miles this morning with my 6 yr old son on his bike and my 4 yr daughter on the back of mine and loved it. I was surprised how easy the ride was, got home refreshed rather than knackered! Great ride and can't wait to get back out.

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