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holybinchholybinch Posts: 417
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Hello guys,

After about 10 years without riding, I've finally cancelled my gym membership, and invested the next few months worth in a bike.
Went for a nice deal on a Specialized Allez, bought from e-bay, and I have to say I'm loving it.

seeing that I spent less than expected on the bike itself, I'm looking at some upgrades.
I've already managed to get my eager paws on a set of Shimano 105/5600 calipers that will get fitted this weekend instead of my wobbly no-names.
Next were the required pedals, went for some M520, and find them very efficient.
Tyres are the next item on the list, replacing the Mondos, with Rubino pro toping the priority list just in front of GP4000, will have to see based on the price.

So, on to the questions now... I'm thinking about changing my wheels (Alexrims DA16)
I've seen a few good deals on Aksium or RS10, which is the max I can stretch my budget to at the moment... a couple of them have a 10spd cassette still attached.
Anyway, if I were to replace the wheels, and the cassette at the same time, would I have to replace my shifters (Sora at the moment)?
Is this upgrade worth it, or should I just bite the bullet through winter, save a bit of dosh, and invest in some better wheels (fulcrum 5, RS20 or Ksyrium)?

If I had to change the shifters, would some Shimano 105 do the trick, provided they're 10spd compatible?

I will take a few pics of my new mount and will post them, but just got back from Scotland yesterday and want to do a bit of work on it before.

Thanks in advance for your advice!
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  • keef66keef66 Posts: 13,123
    Bloody hell, you've only just bought the thing and you're replacing half the bits! Is this really cheaper than buying a bike with the bits you wanted in the first place?

    I'd ride it as it is through the winter and then replace anything that's knackered or you're still not happy with.

    Mine's coming up to it's first birthday, and all I have done is change the saddle and fitted a KMC link in the chain
  • markos1963markos1963 Posts: 3,724
    I would say you have doen the best upgrades for the grade of bike you've bought(tyres and pedals) perhaps a better quality saddle should be next on the list to improve your comfort. I would leave wheels and gearing alone until you've had a while to get used to the bike. The wheels you are looking at are good but still entry level so I would save my money and go to the next level approx £250 and you will notice an even bigger improvement.
  • topdudetopdude Posts: 1,557
    As above, change the tyres then ride it for a few months, you will have a better idea what you need after that :D
    Alternatively if you need to spend some cash buy some decent shorts / tops / waterproofs / gloves / helmet etc, etc :D
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  • renew that gym membership in the winter . it aint no fun on a bike !!!
  • holybinchholybinch Posts: 417
    Here's my babe:

    Followed your advice, and delayed buying any other upgrade, though the 8spd cassette is proving hard in hills, when you're unfit as I am.
    But since my stupid Sora shifters are 8 spd, I don't have a choice for now, it will have to go through the winter and then I'll see.

    But overall, for a 200£ bike, I think I have found a good bargain 8)
    FCN 4(?) (Commuter - Genesis Croix de Fer)
    FCN 3 (Roadie - Viner Perfecta)

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  • jeez..your upgrading already long you had it?
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  • holybinchholybinch Posts: 417
    Well, I'm done with the upgrades for now, just upgraded tyres and brakes.
    Older tyres were seriously pish, and the brakes felt flimsy, despite the blocks being in a pretty good state.
    I have to say I've noticed a great deal of improvement from these 2 changes.
    The rest was pretty straightforward: Pedals, bottle cage, computer.

    Oh, and changing the tape of course :)

    It all boiled down to me having spent way under my budget for the bike.
    FCN 4(?) (Commuter - Genesis Croix de Fer)
    FCN 3 (Roadie - Viner Perfecta)

    -- Please sponsor me on my London to Paris ride -- ... n_to_paris
  • Nice bike, and success with loving it and made all the sweeter that it's been more economical price wise than you thought.

    I really like those Spesh bikes..
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