Bullhorn bar with brakes AND shifters ?

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I'm thinking about converting an old road bike into a commuter bike with bullhorn bars. My 13 mile commute takes ina couple of v steep hills, so I don't want a fixie and plan to build something simple like Bioicon's Urban Road http://www.bionicon.com/standard.xml?vp ... 6c2cb9e10b

My question is does anyone know how they have managed to combine bar end shifters with the brake levers.
http://road.cc/sites/default/files/imag ... review.jpgI understood time-trial brake levers fitted into the end of the bars making the simultaneous fitting of bar end shifter impossible. Does anyone know where I can get the levers Bionicon have used. I thought about the using in-line levers such as thesehttp://www.wiggle.co.uk/images/cane-creek-crosstop.jpgbut I think they will pull in the wrong direction.  Any suggestions would be greatly received.  Thanks


  • N4PALM
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    Looks to me like those are the inline cyclo cross type levers. You can even see the barell adjusters in that pic you posted.

    Theres got to be a way to rig them to do what you want.
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    Those Cane Creek levers will work fine. I have them on my fixed. Set up the same way as that Wiggle picture they don't actually pull the brake cable, they push the outer housing which sounds weird but works surpisingly well. Set up with the cable entering from the under side of the lever, like on the Bionicon, and it will pull the inner cable instead. Same end result.