I just bought...

The Northern Monkey
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661 Assault Pressure Suit
Veggie/Chicken Elbow pads.

Think the wipe out 2 weeks ago shook me up enough to get em :D

just means i'll have to ride harder and faster now :D


  • Raymondavalon
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    I have the Chicken Wings and Assault Suit (short sleeve)
    The wings are great, they flex enough, offer good protection and don't dig into the elbows or get too hot.

    As for the Assault Suit, well, it's HOT to wear and I mean HOT
    I Posted a Thread a few weeks back about whether to wear it over a vest or under a baggy shirt. Either way it gets very hot with it on. I was quite tempted to wear it with nothing else but I'm afraid I'll look lame..

    It does offer fantastic protection and I've also worn a Hydrapak hydration backpack over it, a little uncomfortable on the shoulder pads but I soon got used to it. It also adds to my riding confidence in black route type rides.

    Sadly due to it being insanely hot I've only worn it twice and I barely wear it now.. it's not the type of kit you can just remove and carry in your backpack. Once it's on you have to live with it for the duration of the ride/trial
  • Yea my bro has the long sleeve pressure suit and thats quite hot! but he's got the old one with no ventilation at all!!

    Not sure if i'll be using it all the time, mainly got it for freeride and the DH track at inners.

    Got 2 weeks in Scotland, and I don't wanna injure myself in the 1st week!! hehe.
  • cee
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    I have a 01 pressure suit....full powerranger job...don't mind the heat.

    I also have a core saver vest which I use if the weather is really hot...not as much protection, but thats the compromise when reducing heat.
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  • just got the pressure suit along with the chicken wings and they're awesome :D

    Can stick everything on if I need to, or just the chicken wings if i'm getting too hot :D