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Who has pointless targets then to hit when out on the bike?

I make a point of exceeding 30mph on every ride, ever since m'wife got involved in a discussion with one of her circle of friends about cyclists. One of them was banging on about how all cyclists are a nuisance, they get in the way and they're slow, to which mine replied 'Chris does 30mph whenever he's out on the bike', [it shut the other one up if nothing else] and it's stuck with me. Pointless, but it's there for good now. Anyone else driven by meaningless empty targets?


  • soy_sauce
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    i always try to go faster than yesterday specially in two sections of my commute which i don't need to worry about the speed. but the fastest is only 27mph on the dual carriageway which is only 100-150m long... :oops:
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  • patchy
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    Commute from Crouch End to Regents Park in under 20 minutes. Easy on the road bike, always a bit touch and go on the fixie. But always lots of fun.
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  • Bassjunkieuk
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    Er, not crashing? Suppose the other target would be to just try my hardest but it can vary as I use different routes regularly. This week for example my target was taking in some "hills" (or bumps for those of ya up norf) even when I did my diversion on Monday I managed to come back the lumpy was and thoroughly enjoyed it :-)

    On other routes it might just be minor things like maintaining a certain speed over certain sections or something as mundane as completing my ride without dabbing a foot - one I usually save for my short 2.5 mile blast into my local town centre :-)

    Of course my main target is to scalp any other riders I should encounter :twisted:
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  • blu3cat
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    Try to keep my total ride to less than 30 mins and ride up Wimbledon hill faster than before.

    Try to have a positive scalp count by the time I arrive. :)
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  • lost_in_thought
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    Keep speed above 22mph on all areas free of obstructions...

    But, just because it's a target doesn't mean I always achieve it. Today, for example, I am feeling a bit out of sorts, and struggled a bit.
  • il_principe
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    I nearly always pick a sign or something to sprint for and then fcuking hammer it!
  • Roastie
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    Isn't SCR by definition chasing meaningless targets?
  • Clever Pun
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    Roastie wrote:
    Isn't SCR by definition chasing meaningless targets?

    oh they mean something alright.... glory
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  • Deadeye Duck
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    That reminds me, I got my first 2 scalps on the way home last night, and the way in today. Both roadies, and both got their scalps taken in an impressive fashion.

    The one on the way home was trying to draft a bus and failed miserably. I overtook him and the bus about 200m later. (the trick is to not stay behind it at every bus stop, numpty.)

    The one on the way to work this morning was more fun. He got through the lights at the start of my commute seconds before they changed for me to go. I pedalled of not thinking much of it as I was just warming up but he seemed to be putting in a lot of effort but not going anywhere. I went past him a bit later on noting that he must have had it in the hardest gear he had and was grinding like nobody I've seen before. He sounded like the womens tennis finals; "Argh....Argh....Oooffft!....Aaarrrgggh... AAAhhh...Euurrrggghhh...Aagghh".

    As I passed him I asked if his gears were broke or he needed any help, and he just looked at me as if I was mad, then carried on...

    Back on topic, I don't really set any targets. Not getting off on the hills up to work is usually a target I try and hit.
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  • Kieran_Burns
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    Meh - making sure the commute is less than an hour and exceeding 20mph at some point.

    I have low expectations :oops:
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  • whyamihere
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    Exceeding 40mph every ride, and with my commute going under 50 minutes door to door.

    I normally do them both...
  • amnezia
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    To hook up with the nice lycra clad ladies cyclists on my route

    i normally do them both... 8)
  • don_don
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    To try and get both my daughters ready, into the trailer and off to nursery before I'm late for work.

    Yep, totally pointless :roll:
  • White Line
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    I have to exceed 40 mph on Aikenhead Road. It is needed.

    I also try to stay in the big ring when coming up Old Castle Road and Farne Drive.
    amnezia wrote:
    To hook up with the nice lycra clad ladies cyclists on my route

    i normally do them both... 8)
    This post is worthless without pics, as they say. :lol:
  • Kieran_Burns
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    amnezia wrote:
    To hook up with the nice lycra clad ladies cyclists on my route

    i normally do them both... 8)

    Now, when you say "do"..... :shock:
    Chunky Cyclists need your love too! :-)
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  • prj45
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    I like to keep at 20-25 mph going up the hill from the dell half way along the cycle track at the bottom of hyde park going east up to the last lamppost at the top by the turn off to go across the road.

    Good bit of burning in the old lungs at the top after that; try not to show it though.
  • girv73
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    I have a few that I do regularly.

    (1) Try to keep it above 18mph for the full 3.5 mile stretch of cycle path I follow, pesky pedestrians allowing. Actually I try to keep it above 18mph for most of the route, but make a special effort for the cycle path.

    (1b) Try for > 15mph on my other regular (all road, all uphill) route.

    (2) In the city centre, there's a right turn followed by a long straight leading to my office where I sprint to try to keep up with the traffic ~25mph. Scares the beejeebus out of the iPeds that wander across the crossings >:)
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  • Feltup
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    Keep above 20mph up Crazies Hill. It's only short but it still burns like mad.
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  • biondino
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    I always attack St James Street if traffic allows. It's about the only hill training I do!