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Opinions please ~ Ridgeback Flight 05

glamroxglamrox Posts: 31
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Hi all

I am looking at upgrading my bike, whilst looking around I have found the Ridgeback Flight 05 which looks like a very tasty little number. I have seen a couple of reviews of it which seem to indicate its a good bike but as this is a model nowhere nearby seems to carry in stock I thought I would ask for opinions before getting a lbs to order one in for me to see it in the flesh.

Does anyone have any experience of this bike?

Many thanks


  • Fireblade96Fireblade96 Posts: 1,123
    I haven't seen the Flight 05 but a mate has one of the Flight series and is very impressed with it. That said, it's the first decent bike he's had....

    Ridgebacks in general have a good reputation. Have you tried AW Cycles, I'm pretty sure they stock RBs ?
    Misguided Idealist
  • glamroxglamrox Posts: 31
    I did have a look at AW Cycles website but judging from the availabilty they displayed it appears they don't have this model in stock. I should probably just get myself down there!
  • Fireblade96Fireblade96 Posts: 1,123
    yes, call them or go visit - the website doesn't cover half what they actually have iin stock !
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  • FyPunKFyPunK Posts: 160
    I have the Velocity and love it, I went to my LBS as I had broken the seat clamp putting the tag-a-long on one weekend, I noticed the 05 and was chatting about it, and I ended up taking it out for a spin, really nice. I don't think I will upgrade to the flight, the mods I have done to the Velocity makes it a fast, smooth commuter. Cycling Manchester to Blackpool. Look out for number 1691
  • glamroxglamrox Posts: 31
    This morning I popped into AW Cycles and had a chat and they are ordering in a flight 05 for me to test ride next week.

    Thanks for your help, I'll let you know what I think of it next week.
  • glamroxglamrox Posts: 31
    Despite being a little too hungover for a sensible test ride, I took the flight 05 out on Friday for a quick spin around the block and up a hill and liked it. So much so I now own it:-)

    The only changes I made to the spec were switching out the pedals for some spds and the addition of some bar ends. Sadly I have been too busy to have any real time to enjoy it although I did manage a quick 15km blast Sunday morning and have to say it is a great bike, certainly an enourmous improvement on the old raleigh metro city bike I had been riding!
  • fnegronifnegroni Posts: 794
    I'm glad you are enjoying it! :-)
    I am looking at the flight 02 for my wife.
  • I collected my Flight 05 last night (bought through the Cycle2work Scheme) and was very impressed. Despite the relatively short city ride (6miles) and atrocious conditions I got a good feel and am even more excited about the commute to work now.
    I added some Crank Bro Candy C pedals and was a little nervous on my ride home, as this was my first experience of clipped pedals, add to this the torrential rain and it was a relatively tame ride home, although the disc brakes gave a little more confidence in the wet.
  • GeesRiKGeesRiK Posts: 1
    Really glad to hear all the positive feedback for the Flight 05. Ordered mine the other week though my works cycle to work scheme (as I couldn't get the Boardman bike as Halfords wasn't on the list) But the Flight 05 seemed very similar in Spec and design.

    Just got to wait for my voucher to land in the post then its a quick hope over to Manchester Cycle Surgery to collect it! Will post my thoughts on it once I've ridden it too and from work for a week or so!
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