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My awesome Kona Stinky........and now I am Broke!

Little TLittle T Posts: 16
edited August 2009 in Your mountain bikes
Hi Everyone, just picked up my custom built 'steed' on sunday. Sweet Ride or what!
Can't wait to get down some hills at speed!!!! The Spec sheet is after piccies!


Frame: Kona Stinky Primo 2006
Forks: Fox 36 Van R
Bars: Easton DH Monkeylite
Stem: Thomson Elite
Headset: Chris King
Grips: Sunline Logo Lock On
Bar Ends:

Front Brake Lever assy: Hope
Front Caliper: Hope Tech M4
Front disc: Hope Tech Fixed
Rear Brake Lever assy: Hope
Rear Caliper: Hope Tech M4
Rear Disc: Hope Tech Fixed
Hoses: Hope Braided

Shifters: SRAM X0
Cables: SRAM
Front Mech: None
Rear Mech: SRAM X0
Chain Device:EThirteen

Seat: SDG Bel Air RL Titanium
Seat Post: Thomson Elite
Seat Post Clamp: Thomson Elite

Cranks: Shimano XT
Chainring(s): Shimano XT 32T
Chain: SRAM
Cassette: SRAM
Pedals: DMR V12 + Blue Anodised Studs & End Cap
Bottom Bracket: Chris King

Front Wheel:
Rim: DT Swiss FR 6.1D
Hub: Chris King
Tube: Specialized
Tire: Maxxis Larsen TT

Back Wheel:
Rim: DT Swiss FR 6.1D
Hub: Chris King
Tube: Specialized
Tire: Maxxis Larsen TT

Tell me what you think!!!!! :D Sarah
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  • xtreemxtreem Posts: 2,965
    That's a nice bike, high quality pictures too.
    The frame looks clean for a 2006 model.

    But why do you have Larsen tires? :?
  • andy46andy46 Posts: 1,666
    that bike looks seriously mean! some lovely finishing touches on it. who needs money anyway :lol:
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  • RealManRealMan Posts: 2,166
    Oooooo chris king everywhere. Hubs, bb and of course headset. Is it wrong that I'm slightly aroused?

    But instantly turned off by all that travel, ugh. Dont even want to ask what it weighs. Not my type of bike at all.

    Still, looks fun!
  • adb1006adb1006 Posts: 938
    Love the Chris King BB! Seriously sexy looking bit of kit :oops:
  • HandjobDanHandjobDan Posts: 704
    That is one serious gravity monster, doesn't look like it'd be much fun getting it to the top of the gnarly donwhills, but I bet it flys literally once you get it pointed downhill.

    Good job sir.
  • junglist_mattyjunglist_matty Posts: 1,725
    ...How much did it set you back??? I'm assuming around the £4k mark?

    ...did you by any chance start this as a project in 2006 by buying the frame and slowly building it up lol?
  • rwalworthrwalworth Posts: 176
    One jealous forum member sitting here, you've actually built my perfect bike.
  • That is very clean and shiny. Frame is tidy for an 06. Larsen tyres are epic fail though. Lets see some pics of it dirty.
  • Little TLittle T Posts: 16
    Well I picked Larsen tyres because they are slightly more 'agreeable' on other terrain. I think High Rollers would of been a bit to aggressive and hard work. There's no way I could of spent all that money and just left it in the Shed to only put it downhill at the weekend. I have been riding some trails round where I live but 'to be fair' it's not what I had it built for and it shows, cause it is hard work!!! It is awesome though and I can't wait to get it on the hill where it belongs!!!
    I think it weighs in at about 30lbs.
    I bought the frame about a month ago when it had been reduced. The build cost me around £3400.
    I can't bring myself to leave it dirty long enough to take pictures of it. Out with the hose!!!!
    Thats me just being a girl though!
    The Chris King bits are awesome aren't they, I love it, especially the 'angry bee' hubs!! Shouldn't be free-wheeling but it's such a cool sound!!!
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  • pvtpilepvtpile Posts: 74
    were do you get the blue covers for the hope tech levers from
  • tompugtompug Posts: 227
    It's a cracking spec but why a Kona frame ? Don't get me wrong Kona make great budget bikes, but your not exactly doing 'budget' with that spec.
  • tompug
    Wrong way round. Kona do good frames but overprice them with censored component specs.
  • The Big CheeseThe Big Cheese Posts: 8,651 Forum Tart 2010
    +1 - Kona frames are awesome, tha my friend is how the 'ultimate kona' should be...

    VERY nice... killer rig! :wink:
  • WhytepeakWhytepeak Posts: 2,616
    That is a great looking bike :D

    Should imagine its a riot on the downs.

    Well done that man! :lol:
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  • ilovedirtilovedirt Posts: 5,798
    VERY nice!!! 30lbs though? you sure??
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  • Little TLittle T Posts: 16
    My mistake, weighed it this morning and it's just 36lb, which is great cos I was going to get a Sunday Team which comes in at 41lb I think.
    I am 5ft 2", and a women no less, so keeping the weight as low as possible was important!
    I have a Fisher Big Sur which I weighed, out of interest, and it's 27lbs!
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  • junglist_mattyjunglist_matty Posts: 1,725
    I love the bike, I had a stinky 05 model, was a nice bike to ride, and

    +1 Kona frames are awesome.

    I love my Dawg, I was going to say as I was reading down, there's no chance its 30lbs (my dawg is only 28 lol) ...but then you stated 36lbs, but still thats pretty impressive considering the bike, i would have thought about 40lbs+ so you've done well there!!!
  • Little TLittle T Posts: 16
    I was hoping to get it out on the hill this weekend but must hold back, as I can't get the suspension setup properly cos I need lower spring rates in both Forks and rear shock.
    Bummer!!!!! :(
    Pain is Temporary, Glory is forever!
  • bungalisticbungalistic Posts: 543
    Not a fan of Kona usually, but that's a pretty nice build with a great spec and matching components. I have to agree with the Larsen comment, not the right tyres for that bike. It is really a freeride style of bike, meant to be pointed downhill, off drops and jumps and all that razzmataz.

    I'd definately be sticking highrollers or possibly minions on it for proper grip on the gnarly terrain. You could always run a faster rolling tyre on the back, if you like riding uphills to earn the right to pound back down again. 36lbs is a pretty light build really, definately looks heavier than that.
  • Zaskar20Zaskar20 Posts: 557
    I don't know if it's just me, but I've found DH high rollers excellent for going uphill as well - admittingly they're the harder compound version.
  • The ProdigyThe Prodigy Posts: 832
    What a beast, have fun.
  • ramemtbersramemtbers Posts: 1,562
    i see why you are now broke

    although it was money very well spent
    and that is one nice ride
  • Not a fan of those usually, but that is a nice bike!
  • fourcrossjohnfourcrossjohn Posts: 2,500
    how much in total?
  • chubby666chubby666 Posts: 116
    I Must Say That Is One Sweet Lookin' Leg Iron 8)
  • pvtpile wrote:
    were do you get the blue covers for the hope tech levers from

    Lovely build with some great finishing, where did you get the blue covers from?
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  • Little TLittle T Posts: 16
    All in it cost me about £3500, I got a deal on the frame just cos of being 06.

    The blue covers were sourced by a marvellous chap at Grafham cycling straight from Hope, whilst ordering up the other bits!!!

    I nice touch, don't you think!!!!

    It's alot of fun!! Have been waiting a while to get new spring rates for the forks and the rear shock as I'm only a 'lightweight' female :D !!!
    Fitted them 11/08 so finally got it set just so!

    Takes the knarly stuff with ease :lol:
    Pain is Temporary, Glory is forever!
  • fourcrossjohnfourcrossjohn Posts: 2,500
    pic of rider with bike?
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