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Gibbo216Gibbo216 Posts: 29
edited July 2009 in MTB general
What rear mud guard do you use on a Prophet? got a neo guard on the front, which is superb, now need one to stop it looking like a s**t myself everytime i go riding.


  • Biggus86Biggus86 Posts: 385
    None haha, i really should have a front one, not nice not knowing whether its cow censored or mud thats flicking up haha
  • largephillargephil Posts: 358
    I've got no mud guards either, however I have friends that use crud pack guards and they seem to do the job ok. :) The race pack includes a rear guard. Might have to invest in some myself if it keeps raining!
  • None, I like the taste of mud in the morning awakens the soul. And the fact the only mud I see here is on the TV.
    I use all 9 inches.

  • Mr WuMr Wu Posts: 1,238
    +1 for having none, on the front aye I can see the point, but on the back it's just another bit of junk to be carrying round. My Proph would look gash sporting pissflaps
  • andyturner28andyturner28 Posts: 1,225
    It may look "gash" but on a really long wet and muddy ride there is nothing worse than a wet censored , especially if the mud and grit gets into your shorts.

    Crud Catcher's are definitely the best, but with a full suss remember to mount it high on your seat post, as the first time it and wheel make friends on a heavy landing scares the censored out of you!
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