AGU Panniers for cheap?!

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Hi all,

Just looking through the review section for panniers for a 3 day tour, London to Paris. Am planning on staying in B&Bs rather than camping.

These Agu ones sound brilliant, and even more so for the price, BUT, i can't see them listed anywhere for the £59 it says next to review. ... iers-29620

Is that just for one or is the price wrong? (or am i being a spud?)

Other recomendations appreciated though. Am getting a bar bag as well (recommend one with a decent map holder?) and trying to keep items to a minimum...

Steel Blue Fixed - Orange Backpack Cover

How do i get a link to a photo in here?!



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    Hi Timmy,

    That seems to be a misprint, £100 seems the norm on a quick search.

    I bought some Ortlieb back roller classics about a year ago for £70 per pair, they seem to be more around the £80 mark now though or even £103 from the place I bought them from :shock:

    Mainstream MSX panniers always got good reviews, however probikekit now no longer stock them (I have a good handebar bag they sold as well), this is the only place I could find the panniers, they were cheaper than this I think at PBK:

    Have also got one of these, though not fully waterproof, but does have a big map pocket.

    If you want to take a punt, I think these Lidl ones are reputed to be as waterproof as Ortliebs, but alas let down by the fixings, on one forum a bloke said he had bought Ortlieb securing rails (Don't know the right term) when the ones that came with it had broken, and had swapped them out


    These are on sale Thursday!

    These look reasonable, and claim to be waterproof:

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