Small but really annoying problem...!

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Got normal alu bottle cages on our MTBs.

Recently got a road bike and got a Rib Cage Pro - made of some sort of plastic and really good. Easy to put the bottle in and out and very secure.

So ordered one for Mrs Matt's Rockhopper and one for my Stumpy.

Fitted Mrs Matt's - she has a top tube mounted long bag for puncture essentials, I use a Camelbak. But the damn triangle is too small and you can't get the bottle in or out! You have to put the bottle in from a vertical(ish) angle.

So bought smaller bottles - STILL won't fit properly!


I ordered a carbon one from overseas (on it's way)and think my frame triangle is even smaller - ARRGGGGHHH!!!!

Sorry, very dull but annoying.

BLING FAIL!! :cry::cry:


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    Elite make some side-access bottle cages ... delID=5652

  • papasmurf.
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    I use the rib cage and an elite one very similar, on the duster and meta, both require a bit of angled entry and a waggle..but my frames are large so smaller ones might struggle

    theres also front entry type ones ... elID=28507 there are cheaper ones about this was the first i saw
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    Gotta ask but if you've got a Camelbak, why do you need a bottle cage?
  • Surf-Matt
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    adb - good question! I only use the bladder for long rides. Me and Mrs Matt do a 12.5 mile route (one road version, one MTB version) every day before work - much easier to use a bottle and cage. I use the Camelback just for storing repair essentials. Camelbacks are great but washing the bladder out daily would be a pain.

    The bladder stays in the freezer unless it's a proper weekend ride (which isn't often).

    Cheers for suggestions all - seems a bit of a case of throwing good money after bad!
  • I had to get one of the side access ones because my Giant ATX1100 has such a bonkers frame. It's scored my water bottles to hell getting them in and out, but it does the trick.
  • LOL! Yeah, that's a pretty good solution! :lol:
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    Carbon one just arrived - actually a much easier fit.

    Now I know it's only a bottle cage but the weave on it looks fantastic - proper pointless bling!!!
  • Have you got a link for the one you got, Matt?

    Wouldn't mind taking a look myself. :)
  • Surf-Matt
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    Got it from ebay but can't seem to find the link - it was £20 delivered:

    Poor (as usual!) photo:

  • That looks quite good - you're right about the carbon fibre weave pattern, it does look nice. :)