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crashes come in 3's?

rhannrhann Posts: 383
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Last week had my slowest (about 5mph aquaplaned on a surface with no grip which I wasn't thinking of.) and most painful crash for a long while then last night crashed at about 20mph, luckily on grass next to gravel, had to swerve as a girl on a bike pulled right out in front of me. came off better then I did last week, flipped off handle bars somersaulted hit ground rolled a couple of times, just injured my shoulder slightly, maybe a graze and a bruise. just worried now about a 3rd, perhaps it'll be the biggest yet. or maybe i should just go and crash it at low speed and make it the 3rd.


  • Chaz.HardingChaz.Harding Posts: 3,144
    rhann - I very much doubt you aquaplaned... ESPECIALLY at only 5mph. You need to be going too fast for the water underneath the tyres to clear, so building up a thin film of water. This is incredibly difficult to do on a MTB, especially with nobblies!!

    You'd probably need to be going at 300mph to aquaplane! :lol:
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  • Dirtydog11Dirtydog11 Posts: 1,621
    I like to have lots of small crashes.

    I work on the theory that if I have lots of small ones It'll keep the big ones at bay.

    The problem with this theory is that I get Paranoid when I haven't crashed for while. LOL
  • Hercule QHercule Q Posts: 2,781
    my crashes come in tens or elevens and always involve a selection of spikey shrubbary

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  • RealManRealMan Posts: 2,166
    You'd probably need to be going at 300mph to aquaplane!

    I think you need to be going at least over 100mph on a road bike with completely slick tyres to aquaplane, on a mountain bike with nobblies I dont think its possible at any speed, or if it is, the tyres would disintegrate before it would happen. :D
  • BurtonMBurtonM Posts: 425
    dont be supersticious, if you think your going to crash hard for a 3rd time you WILL crash hard for a 3rd time. If you forget about it and just ride without thinking about crashing then you wont crash. Its like karma except not karma :)
    yeehaamcgee wrote:

    That's like saying i want a door for my car that doesn't meet the roof, because I once had the wind blow it shut when I was getting in, and I had my head squished between, well, the door and the roof.
  • rhannrhann Posts: 383
    it was an underground carpark surface, and was a shiny surface with lots of standing water and i was turning on it thats where i lost it. not superstitous just thought it funny that I hadn't had any crash accident for about 2 years plenty of near misses and then 2 in about 4 days.
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