£1000 for everything I need? help choosing

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Hi, getting back into cycling after 10 years of running. In mid 30's now and hoping to do some sportives and maybe some local races. I have just been awarded a bonus of £1000. I have been using a commuter bike so I have some equipment: helmut, gloves, pump, sunglasses.

However I will need some other bits like shorts, top, shoes, pedals. I am thinking this could cost between 200-300 leaving 700-800 for a bike. The ones I have been looking at are:

Bianchi Nirone 7 Xenon 2009 - come with clipless pedals
Colnago Primavera Tiagra (2009) - saw it get some good reviews
GIANT Defy 2 (2009) - sloping top bar puts me off a bit
Trek 1.5 Double Road Bike (2009) - good solid bike from what I can tell

Or should I skimp on the shorts, tops for a month till next pay day and try get a better bike with 105 components like - Bianchi Nirone 7 105 Compact 2009 - £999

Very confused at the moment in terms of what's best, I know the bike is the main bit of equipment, but on a tight budget of £1000.

Any suggestions welcome, just dying to get on the road, 10 days till the bonus gets paid so getting itchy feet.


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    Are you legible for cycle to work scheme as this may even free up some more cash for the bike, i dont know too much about it myself but worth looking into.
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    Oh and dont forget to put some cash aside for the most important accessory an ipod for those longer rides :twisted:
  • Unfortunately not, they are thinking of looking into it, but I don't want to lose the summer for cycling. I was also wondering if I should wait for the 2010 bikes to come out but not sure when that will be or what the real benefit will be, almost looks like its just a new paint job
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    Yeah i have been looking into the allez series this past week and it looks like they have downgraded each model this year so ideally get an 09 but they all seem to be sold out. I only really know about the allez series so the others may follow suite as it is a recession etc.

    Buying second hand also seems recommended on this site but i am guessing that most of the best deals are going to come when people buy there new 2010's so you could miss out on the best part of the (so called) summer if you wait for these deals.
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    I'd vote for spending more and saving for the rest of the bits, but that's probably bad advice!
    I can tell you that the extra money for the Bianchi is worth it though as I bought the Veloce version. The fame is much better than the model below it.
    The store I bought from threw some Look pedals in as well so it's worth haggling a bit.
    Stock is getting low on a lot of the sizes though.

    Make sure you ride the bikes too.

    Oh, and don't skimp on the shorts. By the best you can afford.
  • Thanks, thats good advice, I was leaning towwards the Veloce model. Might have to hit the beans on toast for a few nights to save money but it sounds worth it.

    I keep reading about Asos shorts so going to look to get a pair of those.

    Any other bikes I should be considering at the £900 range?
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    An Italian bike needs Italian gears. They go together like, er, beans on toast...

    PS: Boardman comp is worth a look if you can wait for one, and deal with Halfords...
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    the thing with the cycle work scheme is there is a £1000 limit (well at my work there is anyway). and they send you vouchers, so it would depend if you can add additional cash to the deal. the fact that your work will technically own the bike for a year until they have to option of selling it to you at its current value makes me think that you wont be able to add some of your own cash. worth an ask though.

    i'd personally go for the Bianchi. in terms of the spending the extra cash for 105 stuff, i didnt and mine is perfectly acceptable and works fine.
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    I agree that the 7 xenon is fine, but in terms of the extra cash you're also paying for a different frame as well as the better groupset.
    The veloce has the alu-carbon frame whereas the xenon is just aluminium.
    I rode both and the ride was noticeably better to me on the veloce. YMMV.
  • Great advice guys, going to see what the budget can stretch to. I may be able to hide some expenses from the wife!

    Just need to see who has stock of the Bianchi's as I really need to try it first. No idea what size as I am 6'2".

    Where di you get yours pickled?
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    I got mine from these guys who were great:

    http://www.stonehengecycles.com/product ... rone_xenon
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    Where di you get yours pickled?

    I got mine from Evans. I wanted to use my LBS but they couldn't match the deal or get the two sizes in that I wanted to try out.
    I needed to try the 53 and the 55
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    Provding you haven't parted with your cash over the past 24 hours, have a look at the Boardman Team. Had mine for 3 months and no regrets, great spec. And upto your budget the "Team Carbon" at £999 is a great bike, providing you can get one.

    Take care though to visit a few different Halfords stores as Mech experience differs a lot and it's your bike in their hands.
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    hi i will do you a brand new carbon avanti comp with compleat 105 group for £1000 retail price is £1499
    What goes up must come down wheeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!
  • Had a rethink of finances and I cannot really afford to spend £1000 on a bike, more like £800 with £200 for pedals (unless included), shoes, shorts top.

    Might have to look at the lower end Bianchi.

    Saying that though I was at Evans this lunch time in London and they are pretty much all out of my size of the bikes and are awaiting 2010 stock.
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    Might have to look at the lower end Bianchi.

    Buy the Bianchi and you will never feel as it being lower end
    Still suffering with wind
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    Check ebay - there are lots of ebay bike shops that sell new bikes from less 'trendy' brands for good prices.

    Schwinn and Fuji spring to mind but they are well specced.

    There are some Schwinn Fastback Elites going for £699 which have 105 groupsets. I had a fastback sport a couple of years ago and wish i'd kept it now.

    Also see if buy a bike direct are still doing the Jamis bikes for knock down prices
  • I was in the same situation as you but had £1000 on an Evans Ride2Work scheme and considered a Bianchi or Allez up to £800. I finally got a Kona Zing which was RRP £1099 but reduced to £799. I don't know what size you need, but that might be worth considering. Higher spec components and wheels for a similar price. :)
    2009 Kona Zing - second ever racer and follows my 5 speed downshifters Raleigh Milk Race of 1987ish :-)
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    Might have to look at the lower end Bianchi.

    I reckon most bikes in this price range are pretty similar. The Bianchi might be a tad overpriced, if that's what you want i'd go for it.

    You'll be pretty happy with whatever you end up with.

    I would have thought most of the 2010 bikes will be slightly more money for slightly less, as happened last year, so I'd buy sooner rather than later if you can.
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    what about a corratec dolomiti 105 great value at 899 includes full 105 group compact chainset and shimano rs10 wheels
    dont only ride a bike
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    why don't you wait for a bit and hastle work to get signed up on the scheme, I just had a quick look on cyclescheme.co.uk and you can get a £1000 bike for £600 with the scheme! that'd leave you pleanty for shorts, pedals, jersey, helmet etc