silly saddle question.

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to ask this but it's bugging me i'm on my second saddle now and this ones started to do what the oem scott one did...

so here's my question....

do saddles wear......

i thought it was the cheap crappy oem saddle that came on my scott speedster,,, that was causing me the problem. started to get bad pains down below numbness in the testies and pins and needles in my old chappie (not a good feeling i can tell you)

so i got a new saddle (a charge spoon) it stopped the problem straight away and has been an amazing saddle over the last 16 motnhs or so... but a few week ago i started to get that numb feeling in my testies again and by the time i got to work (6mile) around 20 mins saddle time i got pins and needles in my old chappie again

i adjusted the saddle to see if i could sort it out but made things worse by the time i got home the pain was unbearable and i had chaffed and shredded my testies so much they were bleeding ...(well just under my testies) i removed the saddle and refitted it it helped a little but i still get that numbness and pins and needels everytime i ride the bike,.. i have adjusted the saddle again and again but to no joy,

so could the saddle have worn. do i replae it.


  • Definately worth a try, im guessing you havn't made any other adjustments anywhere ? Do you use padded shorts I find they help a lot for taking the sting out the ride.
  • are you using padded shorts??

    If not i'd suggest picking up a decent set!

  • delcol
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    no i don't use paded shorts it's only my commute bike i just wear either trackies if cold or regular shorts...
    like i said the saddle was fine for around 16 months i had it it just suddenly started to cause me problems down below...

    i have not made any other adjustments to bike....
  • Get it swapped then mate no good if your makin ya boll*cks bleed :shock:
  • delcol
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    think i will...

    it only happened the once i adjusted it in a rush as i was in work i must of fooooooked it up big time cause it didn't half make a mess of me kanuts....
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    Ok in 16moths have you lost weight?

    have you gained muscle?

    maybe a new saddle is needed.

    also get some padded shorts and change at the end of the commute.
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  • delcol
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    weight wise i could of lost a few lbs as i had food poisioning and spent 2 days in bed throwing up..

    i would definatly say i put muscle mass on my legs as i did 2 weeks in whistler at the end of may riding everyday for 2 weeks in the mountains....

    i would wear padded shorts but there is no changing room at work to change...
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    delcol wrote:
    weight wise i could of lost a few lbs as i had food poisioning and spent 2 days in bed throwing up..

    i would definatly say i put muscle mass on my legs as i did 2 weeks in whistler at the end of may riding everyday for 2 weeks in the mountains....

    i would wear padded shorts but there is no changing room at work to change...
    They have a bathroom, right?
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    If you were using it for 16 months hassle free it seems odd. Padded shorts will make it a hell of a lot better.

    I have a charge spoon saddle in grey for sale mate. I used it for 2 hours at cannock and thats it. I couldnt get on with that saddle at all. Let me no if you'd like to buy it.
  • Bike shorts might be a good idea. You may also want to check what kind of underwear your rockin'. In addition to that, Antimonkeybutt powder might be a simple solution to your problem. Check it out here.[/url]
  • delcol
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    yes there is a bathroom well toilets but if you ever seen the state of the loo's at work you would understand.
    i wont even sh*t in there let alone strip off to get changed they are that bad....

    a kind friend at work has just givern me a selle italia saddle so will try that to see how it goes...

    as for underware i know thats what caused my problem well the bleeding anyway were the stiching is is were the cut was,.. but i wore the same pair of boxers for the last 16 months :oops: the same type of of boxers and not had the problem before with this saddle...

    i just hope this new saddle will sort it,.. i really don't want to start wearing padded shorts,..

    thanks for all your help and sugestions.
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    I'd say that generally speaking, bloody balls is a symptom worth paying attention to :shock: The other thing to consider is what's between you and the seat, if there's a major seam etc in your undies or shorts then no amount of soft saddle'll help, you're still going to get rubbed up the wrong way, so to speak.

    (How do I know? Well, when I was about 14 I had a BMX with an unwrapped plastic saddle, and also I had a pair of jeans with very stylish rivets in the seams, and ow ow ow ow.)
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  • delcol
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    the good old plastic bmx seat now that brings back memories...

    the seam on my next boxers is quite hiddious and big and the seam on my shorts to is quite nasty..

    the thing i don't get is why is it troubleing me now i wore the same kind of boxers for years wore the same shorts to commute in for 3 years and not had this problem before i can't understand why all of a sudden it started to cripple me....

    i only had blood nuts once as i said i had adjusted my saddle in a hurry as i was in work i made a complete fudge up i knew with in a few minutes it was not right but i still carried on and rode home on it,.. and paid the price,,,
    it's not done that since just mild chaffing and the numbness although saying that last night i was ok usuing the saddle wearing the same kind of boxers and shorts..
    i gonna try the new saddle and see how that goes,..
    thanks again for all help.
  • Tank-slapper
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    Bloody Balls, Tingling Todger - are these new additions to the Schwalbe range?

    Serious face on now - very odd for a saddle to suddenly go like that. Your weight change could certainly be the cause. Try changing the seat angle by a few degrees either up or down and see if that makes a difference.
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    I was just going to say seat angle sounds off to me - is it level when the bike is on the flat? I had a similar problem (numbness not bleeding) when I was touring - I had broken a saddle and bought a replacement which was just too big and blobby and uncomfortable.

    But generally pain in that area comes from having a dodgy seat alignment (nose up seems likely).

    padded pants may help but I ride in boxers for my commute with no issues - admitedly my boxers have no seem "down there"
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