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An annoying popping noise

mr_hippomr_hippo Posts: 1,051
edited July 2009 in The bottom bracket
The only cycling that we have on the TV here is the TdF highkights and Tour of Taiwan highlights. I have found some live stream sites on the internet and have been entertained by Paul, Phil & Duffers. The main feed I use sometimes goes off and I have to refresh the page - well that's not a hardship, is it?
I was watching Saturday's stage when I heard an irregular popping sound, sometimes a series of pops then a few single ones - no pattern to them.
I thought that it was the feed so I muted the sound - no change. Speakers? I have a spare pair so I'll try those - no change! Sound card? Maybe.
I continued to watch the feed and put up with the popping. I was just about to put the feed into 'full screen' mode when I noticed a chat room on the right of the page. There's no prizes for guessing what happened when a new message was posted -'Pop!' I switched the chat room off and no more popping!


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