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New bikes for 2010 season

AGNIAGNI Posts: 140
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I believe I heard that the bikes for the new 2010 season are rolled out about September.

Does this generally meant that there is a rush of buyers that upgrade their bikes at this time? Does this then lead to a lot of used bikes flooding the market?

The reason I ask, is I am thinking of getting a second road bike for winter use and possibly a it of commuting. I have looked on ebay, but the prices seem to be a bit on the high side for anything semi decent. Curious to know if there is a better time of year to buy a used bike.
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  • HeadhuunterHeadhuunter Posts: 6,494
    It means that 2009 bikes left in stock will start to be discounted! I got a Focus Cayo at the end of 07 (Nov or Dec ish) down to £800 from £1000. Hang out for a bargain, never mind the new season! Start looking through bike reviews of 09 models.
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  • greg rochegreg roche Posts: 124

    Most equipment suppliers were expecting a recession and so reduced manufacturing at the end of 2008 for the 2009 season. While we're in a recession, bike land hasn't been too bad at all and sales have generally been up.

    As a result, many big manufacturers are already out of 2009 stock and have had to bring forward their 2010 launches. We (Sabbath) already have 2010 SRAM groupsets in stock. Unfortunately for the consumer, i suspect that for the most part there wont be a massive stock clearance sale of 2009 stuff in September simply because it'll all have been sold anyway.

    On the positive side, pricing into 2010 shouldn't really increase at all. In fact, we're working on our pricing now and suspect we can go a little bit cheaper because the dollar vs sterling rate has improved significantly in sterlings favour in the last 6 months and in general the market has stabilised.

  • AGNIAGNI Posts: 140
    What greg says is what my LBS has said. Their sales are way up on last year even though prices are up and we are in the middle of an recession. Maybe this is down to cyclescheme or cycling becoming more popular?

    I am after a used bike so I wont mind giving it a bit of proper wear and tear in bad weather and wont be worried too much if I come off it. My current bike is 4 month old carbon bianchi that I am a bit too precious about to be slinging it around. I know it sounds a bit censored but I have grown very close to this machine :oops:

    So, is there a best time of year to buy a used bike?
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  • Hi Greg, Have you got any idea when the new Bianchi 2010 range will be out?
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