Hyperlink problem.

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Right, trying to add a hyperlink in my signature to a pic of my bike which is on photobucket webby (as a lot of people do) but its just not happening, now as you will know photobucket provide easy access to this with all relevent codes etc to simply copy/paste, but none of it works. Now ive noticed in my profile options that even though 'Allow HTML' is selected, it always says its turned off, which is where i think the prob is (possibly). Any help apprecitated.


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    nope and if i could i would remove all pictures form sigs as it slows things down and in of zero use.

    a link to the picture or site is preferable.
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  • how do we add a link to the sig.

    I can put the whole link in there but it looks $***. I would like to add the name of my bike and then make this link to my photobucket page. Much like you have done with your parktools and sheldonbrown links.


    I have done a search but can't find any answers
  • It is always preferred not to use pictures or images in the signature. Just use plain text or hyperlink.
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    yes but how come you guys have managed to get "Park Tools" and "Start Racing" links embedded in your sigs and I can't provide a similarly neat link to my website?

    Do you have special powers? If so, fine, I'll give up trying.

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