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Best bang for my buck,

DarkmystDarkmyst Posts: 30
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Hi all.

First i should say im new to MTB and no spring chicken. :(

Ive deside to get back into cycling, and like the idea a trail and mountains. but have know idea of what bike to buy, ive looked @ (sorry in advance for swearing) Halfords, and like the look of the Boardman Team FS £999.00. or the Pro FS @£1299 (max budget)

Now ive read the forum, and some say Halfords is not the way to go, and yes supporting the local bikes shops is always a good idea. but i dont want to walk into a local shop, and say gimi a bike for this..

so please some advice would be welcome, 20" frame min. as im 6.4"

Stumpjumper FSR Elite 09.


  • As far as I'm concerned the Boardman bikes have been getting excellent reviews. However, this probably depends on how they are set up at the Halfords store. If you know your local Halfords is good - go for it. Otherwise? I'd prob go elsewhere where they will know what they are doing.

    But the bikes have had almost nothing but very positive views and Chris Boardman recently posted on here stating he is trying to influence the 'service standards' (or something along those lines) at Halfords.
  • now are you looking for a hardtail or a full suspension? as i don't know what you guys have over there. i have a trek 4300 i believe mine is a 21" frame hardtail and i had that when i was 6' so now that i am 6'3" i've got more room but i'm not sure if you guys do have trek over there.
    6' 3" and size 17 shoes(us) only 16 and i ride a trek 4300 07 (got it on 2-7-07) and i have 470 mile on it. with countless scars.
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