Joining a cycling group... with a twist...

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Hello all,

In my attempt to ride with others after riding solo for a number of years a group has shown me some interest to attend a meeting and get signed up... good times! however this is mainly a road group, toying with the idea i'm still quite interested however!

but, i'm an MTB'er, have been for 12 year and spending alot on a mtb bike and a new child here funds are limited. SO, i have my unbuild newley sprayed salsa ala carte, its fully rigid and is getting a brand spanking new set of lovely twin rails installed and i'm woundering will this cut it?

Its the original cromolly fork and 853 steel frame and it very light, full XT groupset and Deore hydraulic discs with mavvic cross max wheels.

your thoughts on a postcard please,


  • Dont do it their trying to brainwash you !!!
  • tptvmbircn
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    Haha, so what do i do?
  • turnercraig
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    Persuade them to take a detour through a muddy forest?
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    Which group? Cycleworld do mtb rides on a thursday evening (check first tho).
  • tptvmbircn
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    Persuade them to take a detour through a muddy forest?

    stu8975 wrote:
    Which group? Cycleworld do mtb rides on a thursday evening (check first tho).

    the clarion mate, didnt know cycleworld did a ride at all, sound lads too. I think i like the idea of a bit road and a bit xc tbh, but, like i said previously just funds for a road bike atm, i reckon that the salsa may cut it but really wanted a second opinion.
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    The Salsa will have no chance keeping up I am afraid, unless you are uber fit and they are all lardarses!. The bigger wheels, narrow slick hard tyres (very little rolling resistance) and taller gearing mean you will be left for dead!
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    Yep, if I tryed to ride a mountain bike with my road club I would be left for dead. Sorry but I don't think it's a great idea.

    A cheap road bike should cut it. There was a guy in my club who used to ride a Barrcuda road bike!
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    I reguarly ride with my club on road rides on a £100 2nd hand decathlon. Just about works.

    I have a feeling its heavier then my mountain bike, but its still faster.
  • tptvmbircn
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    i thought that would be the case, i'll see whats what, mite just stick to solo tbh!